Clarification to Post Card Party Event…..

My posting of August 25, 2014 was a sneak peek of the Fall/Winter Row by Row Event. This was the flyer that was handed out at the Checker Open house. I have been telling loyal Zebra Blog followers about an upcoming event in past posts and on Facebook. I promised to post the event to followers about the event shortly after the Checker Open House. Below the flyer in the posting the copy reads: Keep an eye out on the Row by Row site for details and ask your local shop if they are participating.

Let me clarify that when I stated “keep an eye out” I was indicating  that the official announcement was coming - to watch for it.  This is a blog posting. That is a common marketing teaser to build excitement for the event. And the official posted announcement is coming and will be posted in the next 2-3 weeks.

The September 21st date is the very first date that shops can sign up for the event. Again it was a heads up – a sneak peek. The intention was start getting the buzz out for the event.

I am sorry if this caused any confusion.

NEW Row by Row Event Announced at Checker Open House!

What is the NEW ROW by ROW EVENT for Fall / Winter???? It is a North American Post Card Exchange!

What is it called?  Post Card Party! Registration opens for Quilt Shops September 21, 2014.

What is a Post Card Party? …….


Post Card Party Description


Haven’t you always to try a certain technique or play with a new tool or try a new sewing machine? Here is your chance to make a mini project then swap it with quilters all over North America! Learn something new and then have the fun of swapping!

Keep an eye on for the details! Ask your shop if they will be having Post Card Parties! Ask your shops if they will come to your guild and throw Post Card Parties!

FabricPlates™ progress …and a hint of inspiration!

Busy Busy Busy! Never ever been soooooo busy! The Summer of 2014 has proven to be a blockbuster hit for Row by Row and for FabricPlates™. Who knew it would be soooo crazy! Everywhere I look, every phone call, email, package in the mail has FabricPlates™! It has been so amazing receiving so many positive comments and emails about the program! We are still getting tons of reorders and even NEW ORDERS! Shops are adding phrases and ordering new plates! We are so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a shot in the arm to the quilting industry.

We are crazy busy with  FabricPlates™ – AND we are getting ready for Checker’s Open house! Yes next week we go to Ohio for the Annual Showcase in Checker’s warehouse. It is a big undertaking getting ready for that event. Janet Lutz and I will be presenting about the Row by Row Experience and we will be announcing the NEW and EXCITING Fall Winter Row by Row Event! It is something totally different from Row by Row! I will post the pitch on my blog after we make our announcement! It is FUN, it is NATIONAL – all 50 states and it is affordable!

So why not throw in getting ready for a 9 day cruise to New England/Canada with the plates and the open house and the NEW Fall Row by Row event! Yes – I am making 65 custom kits for our at sea project! …OH and don’t forget about Houston – Fall Market!

I am quite humbled to look at the growth of Zebra Patterns in the past 12-18 months. If you have read my blog since the first posting you have been watching the journey. Tonight when I walked from the studio to my house – I walked through a sea of packages waiting to mailed out. Today we shipped over 70 packages and tomorrow we will do the same. We have over 20 people that are cutting packing and stuffing Zebra Patterns! CRAZY!  It is really amazing. I must tell you I have worked very hard for ten years and this is what I have been working for. I have NEVER worked harder in the past 4 months. The exciting thing is that the best is yet to come! Zebra is building a team – and we are having fun! — working like dogs! But fun!

I hope that everyone reading this blog sticks with their passion. With time and patience and planning you can realize your dreams. Some may say it is luck – and maybe it is – but the harder we work the luckier we get! It is all about going for it – and preparing for opportunity!  I DO NOT believe in coincidences so if you are reading this posting and think – hmmmm – “I feel inspired and maybe I can do it too” – it is NOT an accident you are reading this right now – you can do it! GO FOR IT! Work hard, get prepared and start getting REALLY LUCKY!


FabricPlate™ RUMORS! Ugh!

We are all having such a fun and great event – Please stop the rumors. Here is the published statement about FabricPlate™ Reorders.

RUMORS are not true – We are turning all reorders in the 4 week window.

That said – reorders placed after Aug 2 – will be in the Sept 2 window for delivery.
Here is the standard note we are sending out regarding reorders:


Due to the wonderful “viral” response to the FabricPlates™ we (Zebra Patterns) have extended the wholesale price guarantee for the plates to Dec 31, 2014 for SHOP OWNERS ONLY.  We are so grateful and amazed that the plates have enhanced the Row by Row experience. Right now we are aiming for 2-1/2 weeks on re-orders to shops but must stand by the up-to 4 weeks. We want to get them to shops ASAP. Due to the huge response and plethora of reorders we cannot promise anything other than we will do our best. We are hoping the date extension and price guarantee will ease the minds of shop owners that they will have plenty of time to fill back orders that have collected from customers. We recommend that shops put 6×9 standard mailing envelopes next to their check out area and have customers self address and even apply stamp if they have one in their purse on to the envelope.  Postage for that is 49 cents.
Hope this helps! Here are the re-order instructions for SHOP OWNERS ONLY:
  1. Please return to
  2. Click the license plate in upper right hand side of home page for the same order form used the first time.
  3. In the section to order plates, enter a quantity. Remember that “1” = a lot of 48 plates.
  4. In the vanity phrase section type in REORDER.
  5. Also please complete the shop name/city box as you did the first time and Add to cart”.
  6. When checking out, look at the screen carefully to be sure that your web browser has not cached (saved) first order and added that quantity to your new order.
  7. NOTE: if you have ordered more than one phrase please put REORDER/ and the phrase you want reprinted
Best regards. Gary & Debra Gabel.
PS: Checker is carrying a special FabricPlate™ Quilt Hanger! Click here:



FabricPlate™ Jalopy Quilt Hangers are available now!

Just after spring market I worked with Peggy and Skip Ackfeld and we came up with these for the fabric plates!Checker is carrying this special FabricPlate™ Quilt Hanger designed by Debra Gabel of Zebra Patterns! Click here: Jelopy AD with plates

Quilt Jelopy only Quilt Jalopy2



Row designed for Quilt-ish in Cape Cod

I have been asked by a few shop owners if I had designed any rows for this year’s Row by Row: Sew a Season. I did design one for a good friend – June Herold – owner of a new type of quilt shop with finished goods as well as unique merchandise and supplies. I have a pix of the pattern and of the finished quilted row. June’s shop is in Brewster on Cape Cod and it is named “Quilt-ish” June’s shop and gallery is in her New England home. It is a REAL TREAT!

Quiltish row by Debra





Fabric Plate™ Letter from Debra & Janet

Fabric Plate™ Letter from Debra & Janet

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