Bobbin the Robin materials list….

I have been getting a few emails about clarification on supplies for Bobbin the Robin. They are all very easy to find in local craft, hobby and or toy stores. Here are pictures to let you see what I used. Hope this helps! Get your Bobbin made soon! Send me your selfies! Post on the Pinterest Bobbin The Robin Page! #silly fun!

Basic Craft paint in white and black. (Could use white spray paint)

Basic Craft paint in white and black. (Could use white spray paint)

Skewers from Target or local Grocery Store. Approx 3/8" round. Approx 12" long

Wooden BBQ Skewers from Target or local Grocery Store.                Approx 3/8″ round. Approx 12″ long

18" Doll shoes available at craft stores and toys stores.

18″ Doll shoes available at craft stores and toy stores.


Bobbin the Robin Pincushion/Selfie Plush Pattern

Bobbin the Robin Pincushion/Selfie Plush Pattern

Hello – Galveston!

We have had requests for Galveston Texas. Look at this place – called Moody Mansion! It is a beautiful historical building in this coastal city. The 28,000 square-foot, four-story structure was completed in 1895. Today, our guests visit 20 rooms on a tour that depicts the home life of a powerful Texas family. The Moodys established one of the great American financial empires. Based on cotton, it grew to include banking, ranching, insurance and hotels.(

Quilters are really loving the Zebra “Where Ya Been?” program. Many quilters take cruises out of Galveston and want to include this fine city in their quilts. Now they can do just that! I want to go see this place – don’t you?

Galveston CityStamp™ by Debra Gabel

Galveston CityStamp™ by Debra Gabel

Bobbin the Robin Creativity Begins!!!!

"Buttons" by Mary S in NJ

“Buttons” by Mary S in NJ

Mary S. in New Jersey- Buttons

Mary S. in New Jersey- Buttons

Here is the letter we just received plus pix from Mary in NJ:

Debra & Gary

Just want to say “thanks!” for such a fun way to spend the summer! Buttons is staring at my NJ winning Row by Row from last year, excitedly looking forward to another go-round in 2015. Keep that creativity going! We quilters love it!

I had such a blast making Buttons!!

Mary S. from NJ

2014 Statistics for the Quilt Industry

This article was published online by Laurie Harsh of FabShop on Nov 6, 2014.

Quilting in America 2014 survey indicates market is worth $3.76 billion annually

HOUSTON—October 24, 2014—Quilters in the United States spend a whopping $3.76 billion a year on their fiber art passion, a 5% increase in the value of the market over the last four years. And the average quilting household expenditure has increased 36% in that same time frame.

The recent Quilting in America™ survey also shows that there are more than 16 million active quilters in the country. That means one out of every 20 Americans quilts!

These were some of the key findings of the 2014 survey, presented by F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company, and Quilts, Inc., producers of International Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival. The survey is conducted every four years by independent survey companies.

“We are proud to have commissioned this important survey, as a valuable tool for all our industry partners,” says David Nussbaum, Chairman and CEO, F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company. “We, at F+W, see the dedication of our passionate quilters every day: this survey only confirms what we know about our customers. They choose how to spend their time and their money on their art, and they are driving this $3.7 billion industry. It’s up to all of us to ensure we’re meeting their needs with the high-quality products and services they demand.”

The 2014 survey did show a decline in the overall number of quilters in the U.S., which is almost certainly a reflection of the national economic downturn. Casual quilters are more apt to move in and out of quilting and other crafts as their interests and their disposable income change, and the Great Recession undoubtedly had a significant economic impact on the ability of those casual quilters to pursue their interest in quilting and other crafts.

“However, we know Dedicated Quilters don’t regard quilting as an optional hobby, but as part of their lives. They, like quilters throughout history, quilt during good times and bad. Their quilting is both a means of expressing themselves creatively, and also of expressing what is going on in their lives and how they are dealing with it,” says Karey Bresenhan, president of Quilts, Inc., and Director Emeritus of its shows.

Those “Dedicated Quilters” represent 12.2% of all quilting households, and account for 60.4% of the total industry expenditures, or about $2.27 billion, according to the survey. Each Dedicated Quilter is defined as one who spends more than $500 a year on quilting-related purchases, which include sewing machines, fabric, notions, tools, patterns, books, computer programs, batting, and thread. In fact, the Dedicated Quilter actually spent an average of $3,296 per year on quilting.

Demographics of the Dedicated Quilter indicate she is female; about 64; is well-educated (79% attended college); has a household income in excess of $100,000; and has been quilting an average of 20.3 years. Among Dedicated Quilters, 81% are traditionalists, while 38% embrace art quilting, and 35% enjoy modern quilting styles. Some enjoy multiple types of quilting.

The Dedicated Quilter owns, on average, almost $13,000 worth of tools and supplies and has a stash of fabric worth nearly $6,000, which the majority (88%) store in a studio or room dedicated solely to sewing and quilting activities.

And quilters are also tech-savvy, with 87% owning a tablet or eBook reader today. The percentage of quilters who access the Internet daily has grown to 86%, up from 73% four years ago. The data indicates that quilters spend 3.5 hours per week watching quilting-related online broadcasting to learn new tips and techniques, get inspiration, purchase fabric, tools, and supplies, and to search for free patterns.

Quilting in America™ 2014 is the seventh study conducted since 1994 to measure the time and money quilters invest in their art, profiling key segments of the market.

The Quilting in America™ study is conducted in two phases: Phase I is administered by TNS Global Inc., which surveyed households to measure incidence of participation and the dollar value of the quilting industry. Phase II, conducted by DP Research Solutions, surveyed qualified “Dedicated Quilters” with in-depth questions to learn more about them, their quilting habits, and buying behaviors.

Media Contacts

• Bob Ruggiero, Director of Publications & Public Information for Quilts, Inc. or 713-781-6864, ext. 116

• Kristi Loeffelholz, Group Publisher/Community Leader-Quilting for F+W,

To purchase the 2014 detailed report with narrative, charts, and data, visit

F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company is the leading content and service provider to the quilt community and home to such venerable brands as Fons & Porter, McCall’s Quilting, Quiltmaker, Quilting Arts, Quilters Newsletter, and more.

Quilts, Inc. produces trade and consumer shows for the quilting and soft crafts industry, including two editions of International Quilt Market (since 1979) and two of International Quilt Festival (since 1974). Their newest show is Quilt! Knit! Stitch!™

Meet… Bobbin Hon! LOL!!

Today Mimi Dietrich, Patti Rusk and I had a great Italian lunch together then we came back to the Zebra Studio to hang out. Mimi told us at lunch not only was she voted the Teacher of the Year – she also is being inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame! Wha HOO! Go Mimi!

Mimi and Patti are Catonsville natives. Catonsville is in the Baltimore Beltway. The are natives! When we came back to the studio we decide to make a Bobbin the Robin – and they wanted to make a Baltimore Hon! So they directed me and we “honned” it up! It was so much fun! Take a look! You all have to get a Bobbin and dress it up. They we tried to take a selfie – but we couldn’t do it – so Patti took a shot!

I got this doll hair from ACMoore and the glasses too! I made the gaudy earrings with old craft beads and sequence. Bobbin Hon borrowed Prima Bobbin’s Boa! I think I am addicted to making Bobbins! This is the first official Bobbin Selfie! Send me your Bobbins! Visit my pinterest page!

Pinterest page: “Bobbin the Robin – 2015 Row by Row Experience Mascot” by Debra Gabel
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Baltimore Bobbin Hon!

Baltimore Bobbin Hon!



Mimi Dietrich and Debra Gabel with Bobbin Hon!

Mimi Dietrich and Debra Gabel with Bobbin Hon!

Honfest 2011- REAL HONS!

This pix from the Baltimore Sun in 2012.

18" doll stuff for Bobbin the Robin Projects! So much fun!

18″ doll stuff for Bobbin the Robin Projects! So much fun!


Bobbin Pattern is ready to Order!

Bobbin the Robin Pincushion/Selfie Plush Pattern

Bobbin the Robin Pincushion/Selfie Plush Pattern

The Bobbin the Robin Pattern is all ready to be ordered!

This was the first time I ever created a 3-D pincushion pattern! Here is the story behind it. Bobbin has appeared in all of our printed fabric for the Row by Row Experience™. I was thinking about the silly online selfies that are taken with Flat Stanley or the Gnome. I got an inspirational thought that told me to create a 3d pincushion for all of the quilting world to take selfies with! So how did I go about it? Quilters are traveling all over the place during the summer. Why not take a pix with Bobbin when you are Row by Rowing!

It is not like you can go out and purchase a Bird Form in your local sewing center, so I created my own. I bought some children’s air dry clay. I sculpted a bird and let it dry. Then I made a muslin sample. (Thank you Project Runway for showing how designers pin clothes to the mannequins) Then I made 2-3 prototypes with minke, cottons and Batiks. My first prototypes needed to go on a diet! I altered the pattern 4-5 times and finally got a shape I liked. I found it was important to really follow curved seams lines accurately and smoothly to avoid a misshaped bird.

You can get the silly 18″ doll shoes and accessories in toys stores, stores like Walmart and Target or craft stores. It is so fun and so so so easy!

Clay Model Bobbin

Clay Model Bobbin

First Bobbin prototype

First Bobbin muslin prototype

First Bobbin muslin prototype

First Bobbin prototype

First Bobbin prototype

Once I got the pattern done I painted the wooden BBQ skewers white with black stripes. I dipped them in fabric glue and stuck them in the body in the under belly. The glue sealed the hole edges. Then I put air dry kid’s clay into 18″ doll shoes. It was so much fun that I ended up doing a second Bobbin – with cowboy boots and hat. I named him Bubba Bobbin. Then I loved the glittery red shoes so I made a Prima Bobbin! So much fun!

Bobbin and Friends

Bobbin and Friends

New 2015 Theme for Row by Row is “WATER”

Row by RoRow by Row H20!

That is right it is water! Shops across all 50 states of the USA and Canada will be creating water themed rows for 2015! It might be the ocean, or a lake, a snowflake,  a stream or rain or any other number of water rows! I have designed the new fabric for 2015 and here is a sneak peak of that….


All new FabricPlates™ for all 50 states and Canada! And….we have a Pin Cushion Pattern of our Row by Row mascot “Robin the Bobbin”

Make your own Robin the Bobbin and bring him on your Row by Row travels and snap selfies with your Robin all over the USA! Participating shops will make their own Robin the Bobbin – all decked out and you can snap pix of your Bobbin with their shop Bobbin! Move over Flat Stanley and Gnome selfies – we quilters are going to do selfies with Robin the Bobbin! Take a look below! It is a SUPER SIMPLE 3 PIECE PATTERN pattern available from your favorite participating quilt shops! I would like to introduce you to “Robin the Bobbin” and “Bubba Bobbin” and “Prima Bobbin”!They are decked out Bobbin’s with 18″ doll clothes! How can you create a unique Bobbin?????

Robin the Bobbin Pattern

Robin the Bobbin Pattern

Bobbin Cover 1 up



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