CONGRATS!!Nancy Glaspie of Sew Much More Quilt Shop, Paris TX

CONGRATS!! Nancy Glaspie of Sew Much More Quilt Shop, Paris TX. Nancy is the 2014 Row by Row Experience Zebra FarbricPlate™ winner! Nancy will receive 12 BOM pattern kits for her shop! We will ship out your patterns this week! Many thanks to all the participants. It was a fun contest and we will do it again in 2015!

Nancy Glaspie of Sew Much More Quilt Shop, Paris TX

Nancy Glaspie of Sew Much More Quilt Shop, Paris TX

Last Postcard for Zebra Greetings Done!

I LOVE painting on the computer! Here is another photoshop original! It is the twelfth in the Zebra Greetings postcard Kit line! That makes a doze for the 2015 year! That line is ready for Houston! Whahoo!


Grateful Bobbin the Robin

Grateful Bobbin the Robin

2014 Row by Row FabricPlate™ Contest Entries!

We will be voting on the Row by Row FabricPlate™ Contest. Winner will receive 12 Basket Bloom collections for their store! We will announce the winner in the next few days! Here are the entries.Stay tuned for the WINNER!!!!

Plate contest 2014

Introducing…. Zebra Greetings!

Going to market in 10 days! Here is a sneak peak at a new product from Zebra Patterns! These are postcard kits to send to friends and family. How many UFO’s do you have laying around? Maybe cut them up and embellish a bit and send them as postcards! These will be introduced at market! So fun! Each kit has a pre printed Zebra Greeting Panel along with a piece of double sided fusible foam and a crystal clear mailing envelope.

NEW! Zebra Greetings  by Debra Gabel

NEW! Zebra Greetings by Debra Gabel

HOUSTON! Booth 910

Houston is coming and we will be there!

We are in Booth 910.

Schoolhouse: Mini Events To Increase Traffic! / 1:30 pm / 371 D&E

Schoolhouse: Scrapbooking for Quilters / 1:00 pm / 371 D&E

It is a triple booth this year. Two booths are for Zebra and one for Row by Row/Postcard Party. We will be announcing the 2015 theme for Row by Row. I am introducing a new line of Zebra Greetings which are post card kits for quilters! Here is a sneak peak of the line – more to come!

Each Post Card kit will contain a 6″ x 7″ piece of double sided fusible foam, a mailable cello bag,  plus a 100% Cotton Sateen Zebra Greeting postcard panel. The quilter will create any mini quilt or fabric project they desire on the front and the images below will be the backs. Fuse top and bottom with pre-fusible foam and sew together. These postcards will go through the mail for 49 cents! It is best to get them hand cancelled. Imagine the recipient getting a lovely greeting of a mini quilted postcard through the mail!

Zebra Greetings Post Card Kits

Zebra Greetings Post Card Kits

Come see us in Houston if you are a shop owner! Booth 910! …and at schoolhouse! is up!

The website is up for Post Card Party! It is bare bones at the moment but the site is there. We will be adding participating shops and more information daily. Shops are ordering their postcard kits and planning many fun parties for quilters all over the USA! It is going to be FUN! Keep stopping back to see who is “in”!

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 2.40.06 PM

Post Card Party: Update

Zebra Patterns has been getting many inquiries from both quilt shops and from quilters across North America about Post Card Party. What is Post Card Party? When does it start? Is my state participating? Post Card Party is a winter Pilot Program Event being brought to quilters by The Row by Row Experience Team. It is not like Row by Row in anyway. It is a National Postcard Swap. See the marketing piece below for details.



Post Card Party Description


The main intention of Post Card Party is to provide a fun National Event in the wintertime for quilters coast to coast. We had hoped to launch the website on September 21, 2014. That obviously did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances. We are working diligently on the final details and are hoping to have everything up and running by next week. The National swap does not take place until February of 2015, so there is plenty of time!

If you are a shop owner you will be getting information from your state coordinators very soon. State coordinators do not have their information packs yet either. Shops will be directed how to register and how to order postcards kits. If you are a quilter wanting to participate you can inquire at your local shops if they will be holding postcard parties. What is a postcard party? It is really just a fun name for a mini-class. The project is the postcard. You can “opt to swap” or keep your postcard. If you opt to swap you will be guaranteed to get one postcard from another quilter in the nation for every postcard you swap. If you make 5 postcards and opt to swap them all – you will get 5 postcards back from all over the nation!

The most important thing to remember about Post Card Party is that this is our first year and is why we are stressing it is a PILOT PROGRAM. We are asking for your patience as we develop the program. Our intention is to provide a format where quilters can learn techniques in short workshops/classes and use new tools and ideas and then have a little fun if they opt to swap! Swapping will happen in February and you will get to attend a “mail call” party at your shop and pick up your swaps from all over the nation in March! You will be able to start a collection of post cards from all over! The front of the postcards will be all different – the back will be from the state where the quilter created it!

In summary, each state Row by Row Shop coordinator will receive their sign up packets from their state very soon.  The coordinators will pass along the information to shops. Those shops who wish to participate will be able to sign up and order kits immediately. If you are a quilter you can watch for post card parties being offered in fall and winter.

We have had inquiries from individual quilters if they can make their own post cards with their own designs and opt to swap. The answer is yes and no. YES you can do that if you purchase the official postcard kits from a shop that is registered and they are willing to sell postcard kits for you to do so. Endusers must go through a registered shop. All swaps must be made with an official kit. The reason for that is twofold. The kits guarantee size/weight and are made with collectable postcard backs from all 50 states and Ontario. The answer is no if individual quilters want to do their own thing on front and back. This is a Row by Row Pilot Event only offered through brick and mortar quilting shops. We must support our local quilt shops through our patronage and classes to keep them in business and to support our “habit!” – lol!

Hope that explains what is coming!




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