Flying Geese (originally posted on 9/17/08)

Monday night I gave a lecture at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild in Fallston, MD. They are a large group of quilters (over 200 members if I recall) that are vey nice and quite talented.  I have given many lectures before to many other MD, VA, PA, and DE guilds, but this one I approached differently.  Usually I bring all of my quilts, samples and patterns, and “make due” with what ever the venue permits. Sometimes the guilds have lots of hanging wall space. Other times guilds may have only tables. Last winter I invested in five quilt hangers so that I could make a booth should I chose to vend at some of the quilt shows.  I brought the quilt hangers and had all of my samples. Prior to the lecture I had made large canvas backdrops in which I tacked all my samples on.  Once I got to the lecture hall I just hung the sleeves and it was less than 10 minutes and all 18 florals, 12 birds and the other 5 samples were up on display. That was a good decision!  The lecture went very well and I stayed overnight in a nice hotel in the area as we had an early workshop the next morning. The workshop was very well attended and those ladies made some beautiful floral quilts. One mistake I made – forgot the camera!!! Now that I am blogging – that needs to me an “always carry” item!
So today it is time to get the Baltimore Stamp and Dc Stamp Patterns reprinted again. They have been ENORMOUSLY popular. I also need to get to the final details on the NYC stamp pattern, and then it will be onto Philly for the next stamp, then maybe Boston!  I think I should go visit the city I make a stamp of each time – don’t you?
On the home front I would like to introduce my family. I have three great boys and a wonderful husband. My boys are Cole 11, Austin 13 and Brooks 16. The older two are really into swimming and the younger one is into baseball and basketball.  They all got off to a great start in school – and I am glad they are back in school!  The oldest one, Brooks, has morphed into this unidentifiable foreign creature – I think they call it a “teenager”.  HELP! – Yesterday at the workshop I asked some experienced moms about how long this ailment will last…their answer was until they are 21! Oh NO! I have two more boys after Brooks! My husband is the VP of Marketing and Sales of a successful packaging business. Gary is my “web guy” and official advisor for all business transactions!  So that is a little family background.
There will be more to come early next week. This Saturday is the Fall Metrothreads meeting.  If you don’t know what Metrothreads is – check out the link on my website. I will for sure be taking notes and pictures!  The work from this group is amazing!
Lastly, everyone say a prayer for St. Francis and Aqua Aurora (my art quilts for 2008) which are in HOUSTON! I really hope IKE did not drown them in flood waters! I have heard there is no power in Houston! YIKES! I hope those quilts are in a tall building on the top floor!


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