Metrothreads (originally posted 9/22/08)

Yesterday the Metrothreads group met in Highland MD. I have to say I was quite disappointed with the low turnout of participants, however we chose to make lemonades out of lemons and we held the meeting with the 8 artists and 2 views who came. It was an incredibly rich session. We decided to let each artist speak in depth about their pieces and ask for feedback from the group. It is a tough thing to do – to coordinate artists. Even with 6 months of advanced notice – only 8 artist’s came to the meeting. It was a beautiful day – maybe that was the trouble. As a group we discussed pushing the Fall meeting back to late October – maybe that would be better. So for now – I am hoping we get a better turn out in March or i fear this too will end up another art group that fades into the sunset. My great hubby posts the pictures with the blog – so when he gets back in town he will add the Metrothreads photo to this entry. So check back!

Meeting in a group is such an important way to replenish your artistic well inside. We have all become so solitary. We used to go to a friends for coffee and conversation. Now we email and text. It has become impersonal and I really think we are at risk of losing rich experiences by continuing to go inward and shut out the world. I really make a big effort to attend guilds and critique groups as well as have occasional outings with girlfriends to museums and art shows. It really does fill up that inner artistic well and lead you as an artist down paths that may have otherwise been passed by!

Tomorrow I have a art quilt workshop with Laura Cater Woods. I am not all that familiar with her work but I guess I will be by tomorrow afternoon. It is an all day workshop. I dread schlepping my machine and supplies to the workspace – but it must be done. I have not taken too many workshops in the past two years as i have been so busy with zebra patterns. I will blog about that experience this week.


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  1. eugenia covarrubias
    Jul 13, 2015 @ 12:12:23

    Bethesda Quilters is having its biannual quilt show in October this year.’We would like to mail you some information, but we do not have your address.
    Thank you very much, Eugenia Covarrubias


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