Vending at EQG Quilt Show in Manchester MD

Me in our booth at the Show

Me in our booth at the Show

This weekend Maria O’Havor and I set up a booth at “Everybody’s Quilt Guild” in Manchester MD. It was a local show put on by EQG which has about 80 members.  It was a very nice small show. We both saw many quilt friends and sold quite a few patterns. While there, we got invited to another large quilt show in March at Goucher College put on by The Baltimore Heritage Quilt show – we took the information and plan to attend.

This was our second quilt show as vendors. Maria and I get on very well and work very fast and efficiently. Below is a picture of Maria and her Maryland Quilt that is very popular in our area.

Even though we have only shown twice we are pretty good at set up and break down. Unlike the Annapolis Quilt Show – we had some down time.  During that downtime Maria did some hand work and I started this INSANE hand quilting Civil War pattern that i bought 12 years ago! I made tiny leaves for 5 hours!!!!! This quilt has over 500 appliqued leaves – by hand! OMG! Maria challenged me to get it ready for out FCQ quilt show in 2010.

As soon as the show was finished – we bolted and I made it to the last few innings of Cole’s Fall Baseball game.  Below is a pix of Cole – my 11 year old and his long time baseball pal Jack. They are so silly! They are having a great time on their team – The Renegades. That’s all for today. I will be designing Philly this week as well as prepping my baseball player for printing of the patterns. More pix to come!


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  1. Karin Buckingham
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 15:51:41

    It’s great to see you blogging! Your quilts are beautiful and I really love your city stamp series. I agree with your earlier post about how solitary we’ve become — maybe blogging and flcker groups are the new “sewing circles”?!

    Karin Buckingham


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