Handwork 10-12-08

Friday I had some minor surgery on my right calf. I developed a benign tumor in my leg. My dermatologist tried to remove it in early Spring of 2008 simply, unfortunately it grew back. So Friday I actually had surgery to have it removed. It was deep – about the size of a golf ball. We are pretty sure is it one of the unwanted side effects of all the chemo and radiation I had in 2003-04 for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The recovery is 4-5 days of no activity and keeping my leg elevated. Knowing I was not going to be moving much I dug out an old pattern – a traditional pattern – oh yea – and it is hand applique! You would never guess I would be interested in this – but I love it! It has over 1,00 leaves in the border. I know I must be nuts – but I love doing it! Below is a picture of the finished quilt. I am doing slightly darker colors.  I started the leaves at the show that Maria and I vended at  and I am still turning leaf edges.  I am setting a goal to have it done by Spring 2010 – Let’s see if I meet the challenge! I have always wanted to have a small project to carry around in my purse – now I have it! The leaves are small in size but huge in quanity!  The pix below does not look all that impressive – that is due to the mediocre colors shown and the fact that pictures never due quilts justice. I will keep you updated on the progress!


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