Batter Up! October 30, 2008

I am working away on this Batter pattern. It is proving to be quite complex. I made the finished size 20″ x 30″ which is what can fit comfortably on four sheets of 11 x 17 paper tiled together. This pattern has been requested by many of my students and fellow quilters. It came from my “Batter” wall-hanging that was published this year in the AQS calendar. Usually when I design a pattern I start drawing with the intention of separating the drawings into individual pieces. This was different. I made the quilt a few years ago and worked from a sketch I had drawn and blown up and then made separations as I was cutting the fabrics – no patterns. So I actually had to scan my finished hanging and work backwards. I have the whole batter drawn and cut into pieces.

All pieces cut and ready for assembly

All pieces cut and ready for assembly

You will see several layers of each piece. That is because I need to make 4 samples of each pattern for store displays/samples. UGH!  Below is a picture of one of the pattern layouts mid-stream. You will see I am assigning numbers to each piece as well as making corrections to the piece for fit or overlap.

Corrections and number assignments in red

Corrections and number assignments in red

As I am cutting, correcting and numbering I am also starting to assemble the first sample. After the batter is assembled I will start working out the background colors and fabrics. My goal is to get one full pattern assembled, look it over and then start the remaining three. When I start the remaining three I will be focusing on writing directions as I go. As you can see it is a long process. This pattern will be in a large pattern bag and priced a bit higher because there is a lot more work and paper patterns/positioning sheets included.

I have the top together and I am working on the shoes and the details within the shoes. There are a bunch of small highlights on the batters hands which I will provide tiny pieces for – but I will be suggesting to paint those details with fabric paint.  I really would love to get this all together by the end of the day tomorrow and start sewing and making patterns next week. We will see!

The election-UGH! Thanks goodness it is all almost over! I have been getting the nastiest email against Obama – and they make me sick. I am firmly for Obama. I respect his education, his working history, his drive and his optimism. I really would like to tell the world – the “racism” thing is over! That ship has sailed. Give it a rest! Skin color does not matter- nor does hair color or eye color! We have a young vibrant intelligent reasonable man willing to walk into the Lions Den in DC – let’s all support him and let him do what needs to be done to turn the country around. Gary and I are registered Independents. We do not care if you are republican or democratic. We do not care if you are black or white. We do care that you are smart and healthy. It is time for someone to step up and UNITE and not divide. Go Barak!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laurie
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 22:29:36

    Yes WE CAN!

    Hi Debra,

    Hope all is well…did you go to Houston to visit your quilts?
    Hopefully you’ve seen Cloth Paper Scissors new Nov/Dec edition…you are mentioned on 2 pages…thanks for all the encouragement you’ve given Kayla and the friendship.



  2. Diana Bracy
    Nov 15, 2008 @ 20:39:18

    I love the Obama image. Did you create it? If so, is it fabric? I, too am an Obama Mama. I was lucky to have three qults in Houston, one was McCain. I also liked you little chicken quilt. If I lived in the Maryland area, I would have loved to take a class from you. The quilt show seems like a lot of fun, too.

    I lived there about 15 years ago, but was a seamstress and did not quilt. Only now do I miss what I could have experienced in quilting all along the 20 year span that I lived there. Oh, well. I enjoyed reading your blog and would have gladly volunteered to help with your show. Diana


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