Batter Up – almost done


Pictured above are the four samples that I am making, along with two large patterns for positioning and the possible backing fabrics. This pattern has been brutal to write! It is big and complex. However – the directions are written and formatted into a 2 page document! Hurray! Next it is onto labeling each of the pattern pieces – then finishing the applique, quilting and binding of the four samples. Last will be to photograph and make the cover for printing! Whew! This has been a long one! I am on the home stretch now – keep posted to see when the actual pattern is released.

I met a incredibly talented 16 year old young lady from the Chicago area in a quilted post card exchange a few years back. We became fast friends and we even visited together at my home last summer. Her name is Kayla Fujimoto. Kayla is a natural! The big news is that Kayla is featured in this month’s “Cloth Paper Scissors” magazine! I still have not picked up the magazine – but intend to do so today! Kayla’s mom, Laurie,  is very talented and teaches quilting in the windy city. If I ever get out to Chicago I will surely need to visit and go shop hopping out there! In fact I know the Chicagoo Quilt fest is going on this week – wish I could have gone!


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