Happy Thanksgiving!

Busy Busy! I have been holiday shopping the past three days. I am very close to done! Horray! Plus I have the Christmas meal planned and ready to go.  The mall has been empty during the week – it has been awesome. The sales are pretty good. I have been using my discover card and getting 20.00 back for every 200.00 purchase! That is good.  All the gifts are wrapped and ready for the tree. This weekend we will need to get the Tree up.

Thanksgiving was fun in NY. We visited my brother and Gary’s brother. At Gary’s brother we saw Ivan & Tracey’s (Gary’s oldest nephew) son Everett. What a cutie! He really gets excited when Grandpa Jeff comes into the room – his eyes light up and he starts bopping all over.


At my brother’s house we met the two new boyfriends of my two nieces. They were both great. Cole really liked Kelly bf as he was also a football nut! But the best news is that we were in town when Missy and Chris (my brother’s first child) had their first child – a girl Avery Taylor. She was cute as a button! It was great to be there with my brother and sister-in-law (more like a sister) to see them with their first grandchild. Take a peek at 8 hour old Avery

Avery Taylot  - 8 hours old

Avery Taylor - 8 hours old

So once I finish up my Christmas stuff today – it will be back to the Obama quilt.  It is good to take a break. Once I was away from the quilt for awhile I decided I would piece the flag background with scappy colors.  I have turned all the edged under on this quilt. I did that because on both quilts submitted to Houston they objected to the raw edge applique techniques. So if I ellimonate the raw edge – maybe I will have more success! Keep tuned and I will post Obama progress.

Oh – almost forgot – i have to send out Holiday cards too! I have them – It is just a real task to address 200 cards! UGH! Bah Humbug.


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  1. Betty Ogden
    Feb 04, 2009 @ 19:18:00

    Hi Deb—so impressed with your work. Holy Smoke! I would love to get some of those quilts. You’re amazing. Hope everyone is good.



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