How Fast can you make an art quilt?

Last week I had a few meetings with a friend – Cathy Kleeman who mentioned that SAQA is having an art quilt exhibition in Chicago and Long Beach. The Exhibition is called “A Sense of Humor”. I thought – oh- that sounds like fun! One small problem – it was due today! I strated sketching two days ago – came up with a design and started making the whole thing yesterday (Thursday!) Yep! I finished it by 5:47pm tonight. I had 13 minutes to get the entry, check and CD of quilt in the mail to be postmarked by 1-30-09! I was on hyper speed! It has been a crazy week. We had 2-4 inches of ICE! I have been chipping away at my drive for the past three days! We had no school Monday – Wednesday and my 13 year old has been home with the flu! FUN! But I had it in my mind I was going to get that darn quilt in! I did it! See pix below! It is 30″ x 38″. My artist Stement was simple: “I used to think this was funny…hot flashes…now that I am 47… ah …. not so much! LOL” See the pix of the whole quilt and the detail I sent in for the submission. It is a juried show so I will be notified my March 16th if I got it. The cool thing is that the entries that get in will be published. It is a comment on Hot Flashes! Hormonal Harriette drapes herself over a chair with a fan and handkerchief with the winter cold rushing inside freezing the poor kitty’s whiskers!

Is it Hot in here?

Is it Hot in Here?

Is it Hot in Here? detail

Is it Hot in Here? detail

Is it Hot in Here?

Is it Hot in Here?Detail 2

That was a crazy ride to try to get this quilt done in 48 hours! It was relatively big too! 30″ x 38″. So now I am exhausted! I will bed down early because I have to teach a class in Mt Airy tomorrow. It is my Art Creations Class. I love that class!

Did I mention that we also got a new puppylast week? It is a lillte girl Bijon that we named Lacey. I have a pix below. Cole and I are taking her to puppy classes. She sure does pee alot! I have to take her out in the middle of the night – which is not a big deal because I cannot make it through the night with out getting up to pee myself!

Lacey Belle Gabel - born Nov 8, 2008

Lacey Belle Gabel - born Nov 8, 2008

So besides, shoveling ice, caring for Austin with the flu, making a quilt in 48 hours – I have been patterning the Philadelphia City Stamp. I will start the samples next week! I got an online order for one  already!
I will let you know if I get in the SAQA show with my “Is it Hot in Here?” quilt!

Stay warm – enjoy the superbowl – or at least the super sales at all the quiltshops on Superbowl Sunday! 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane D.
    Feb 01, 2009 @ 03:41:36

    Great quilt, Debra – and in just 48 hours! I’ve been on driveway duty too, and my youngest just had a fever for 10 days and then pneumonia. Here’s hoping we can get past all this and get together sometime soon.


  2. Katie
    Feb 01, 2009 @ 04:20:36

    Wow that is awesome! 🙂 and Lacey is cute too!


  3. Debra
    Feb 02, 2009 @ 13:54:43

    YES! Enough ice and sick kids! We need to get together!


  4. kayla
    Feb 09, 2009 @ 21:55:43

    you are quite the speedy art quilter!!! that’s amazing to do something that big and detailed so quick! and you got a dog!!!!!! how awesome!!!!!!!!! tell lacey i said hi! hope all is well. i drove home from school today with the windows down. hee hee. snow is melting. sorry about the ice storms…keeping it interesting for you.


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