New Block of the Month Patterns – Sneak Peak

I have designed two more BOM patterns. The first is a Judea-Christian BOM. It is called “in the Beginning”. It is twelve blocks that symbolize: 1. The beginning, 2. Temptation in Eden, 3. Noah’s Ark, 4. Babel, 5. Abraham’s sacrifice of the ram instead of Isaac, 6. Baby Moses in the Nile 7. Passover door, 8. Josephs Coat, 9. Burning Bush, 10, 10 Commandments, 11. Salomon’s Temple and 12 Jonah and the whale. They will be available for the Pittsburgh market. I will be starting the second BOM – Butterflies – in Mt Airy at Patches. See below.

In the Begining - A Judeah-Christian Block of the Month Pattern

The second pattern I designed is one of a variety of Butterflies. They are all different and will also be a BOM. This pattern is not 100% done. I will be changing flowers up a bit. But the winged creatures are all done. This BOM is called “In Flight”. Again this ill be available in Pittsburgh.

I designed these both while I was sick for the past 2 weeks with the flu. I also did a bunch of journal work which I will post soon.



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