PROGRESS! Phillie done, a New Art Quilt…and Prison!

FINALLY!!!!! Phillie is done. The patterns are at the printers. I have been so sick the past 4-5 weeks with flu, cold and general yuk that I have not gotten much physical work done. I made only two samples of Phillie. I usually make four – but I have too much to do before the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh.  I have the one sewn up for my booth display and photos. The other sample will wait until late spring.

The next city will be CHICAGO!!! In May the rates will go up from 42 cents to 44 cents for a stamp. -Obama is our 44th pres from Chicago! I will be sure to put something in the stamp to represent Obama. I will not put his image – as I have been told only dead people appear on stamps! Yikes! I don’t want any bad vibes going out! After Chicago is done I will have to go to Chicago to try to sell some – I have two sets of good friends there. The Wilsons and the Fujimotos. I will wait until after market and when it is warmer! Below is a pix of the finished Phillie stamp. The buildings are all in the skyline and the notable feature is the liberty bell. There are scullers in the water which is very popular in Phillie.

Finished Philadelphia City Stamp 3-1-09

Finished Philadelphia City Stamp 3-1-09

I have joined yet another guild – in Bethesda. I joined Nimble Fingers Quilters a few months ago after I attended their annual quilt show. I was very impressed with their work at the show and I joined. They are approx 75% art quilters and 25% traditional – which is very unusual. They only meet once a month and they have a guest speaker each month. They issued a challenge. The challenge was to make a quilt showing your “favorite beverage”. I love pina coloadas in Hawaii! The juices they use in Hawaii are so delicious. So I made my pina colada on a beach in Hawaii. I sketched the image in my kraft journal and loved the sketch so much that I bought oil pastels and recreated the sketch in a whole clothe quilt measuring 27″ x 37″ to look my sketch. I quoted a line from that popular song about Pina Colodas: …I love pina coladas… and getting caught in the rain…. No I’m not into discos – I am into champagne….

The pix below is drawn and colored in oil pastels and fabric paints. I really enjoyed this process. I hope to do another quilt very soon to enter in Quilting Arts 2010 calendar contest. I have an idea and some sketches- I just need to execute – before March 5! UGH! One good thing –  it only has to be 12 x 12. That should be doable – especially since I have the concept roughed out. Heck I did that big quilt of hot flashes in 2 days – this should be easy! Keep tuned to see if I can pull it off! Below is the Beverage quilt and some details.

I Love Pina Coladas and Getting Caught in the rain

I Love Pina Coladas and Getting Caught in the Rain

Pina Colada detail 1

Pina Colada detail 1Pina Colada detail 2

Pina Colada detail 2

Pina Colada detail 2

Pina Colada detail 2

Pina Colada detail 2Pina Colada detail 3


Today – I went with three FCQ guild friends and gave a lecture to 14 inmates in the Jessup Maximum security prison for women. Yup – prison! It took from 11:50 until 1:00 to clear security! I had over 40 quilts that all had to be individually inspected. We had to be hand frisked and we could not bring in any keys or metal. It was a bit unnerving. We went through at least 5 checkpoints that required I.D., and special procedures.  Once in the lecture room – I met the women – who were very excited and very interested to see quilts from the outside. Basically they have only seen quilts that have been made inside prison. Most are made from cheater cloth.  It was wonderful to have made these women happy seeing the possibilities in cloth. They told me they were so inspired. That was great. The ladies I went with explained that they are not allowed to keep anything they make – that is so sad. They can’t even make stuff and send it home to their kids. Most of them have kids. They send all the finished products to a local orphanage. It is amazing how quilts can reach all sorts of people and make them smile.

Tomorrow I teach at Patches in Mt Airy. I am teaching my favorite class- Art Creations. I have four great students this class. With their permission I hope to post their finished projects.

That’s all for today. Have a good week.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda S
    Feb 28, 2009 @ 16:35:24

    Go, Debra! I LOVE what you did with the Pina Colada (also my favorite:). This is a definite pathway for you, I can tell — combines the hand drawing, color and intense thread work you love to do.

    🙂 Linda


  2. Mike
    Mar 01, 2009 @ 14:57:52

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!


  3. kayla
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 20:49:19

    YAY!!! CHicago!!!! Thank you for my Obama ATC! I love it! Good luck with the calendar contest!!!


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