Graphics Program Recommendation

Debra Gabel's Layman's Graphic Program recommendation

Debra Gabel's Layman's Graphic Program recommendation

As a graphic designer and art quilter I get asked many times…what graphics program do you recommend?  I use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and in design which each cost $ 800.00 + for these professional graphics programs. They have a steep learning curve and are really for professional use. I have an old program from American Greetings called Create-a-Card which was 39.00 and did 75% of what Illustrator did! I was amazed. Over the years the software changed hands many times. With the popularity of scrapbooking the market got flooded with card and scrapbook software. I recently went to Staples and saw many fewer titles on the market for card making. I came across GREETING CARD FACTORY by Nova – and guess what? Same program that I was amzed by – even better than the old one! It listed for 49.00 with a 20.00 rebate making it 29.99 final price. It is awesome and the program that I would recommend. You can do great photo editing as well as many graphic possibilities. It comes with over 1000 fonts. It is pretty great and my recommendation to all you non- professionals looking for something very easy to use and very affordable. Please leave a comment if you have gotten the program.


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