Sunday March 22,2009

What a weekend! This weekend Gary and I did our first solo quilt show with Zebra Paterns in Bowie MD at Southern Comforters Quilt Guild. It was a GREAT weekend. This was the first time that I displayed with out my pal Maria. Maria was in Colorado for the week with her family. I think I have grown my line to the stage that I need a whole booth just for my stuff. Maria and I are doing a show at Milltown Quilters and at Annapolis coming up in Spring. I hope there is a bunch of space. I go to Pittsburgh for my first MARKET, so this weekend was great practice for that big coming out party in Pittsburgh! I am so happy Gary will be going with me to Pittsburgh. I do not know what to expect.

This weekend I showed my Butterflies. I took many pre-orders. They were very well received. I worked until 1am on Friday night getting them all together in fused blocks. I will add pictures to this entry as soon as I get down to my studio. Right now I am in my bed in my jammies just resting from all the activity.

I promise to post pictures in the next week – keep tuned!


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