Lots of stuff to blog about….


I was invited to participate on SAQA’s (Studio Arts Quilt Association) on line feature gallery with my Obama quilt. That will be up on SAQA.com in May. I am in the company of quilting artists like Carol Taylor, Eserit Austin and Katie Pasquini Masopust! WOW!

Delaware Lecture

I was invited to lecture at the Delmarvalous quilt guild in Delaware – near Bethany Beach. What a great group of quilters and I met two great quilt shop owners. In fact I am coming back to DE in June for a 1 year anniversary with Kathy – the owner of Serendipity Quilt Shop to give a small trunk show and maybe teach a class or two. Kathy has been in business for 10 months and has the perfect quilt shop! It has character and great fabrics and patterns. She even teaches basket weaving! I stayed with my newly proclaimed Aunt Doris! I have a friend who lives up the road and her son and my youngest played baseball together. My friend brought her mom over one day when she was visiting and then Doris invited me to her hometown guild in DE. We had a ball together shop hopping and eating out! I think I have a new Aunt!


I was robbed about three weeks ago in a local park. Centennial Park is a nice park about 5 miles from me that my son Cole and I went to on a nice day to take a walk. We walked and upon returning to the car – someone had smashed my window took my pocketbook with 250.00+, my new 200.00 digital camera, my palm pilot and my coach bag and wallet! UGH! What a pain- replacing all the credit cards, losing all the money – etc.

Book idea- Shoot for the Stars

I have an idea. I am well on my way in this quilting journey to who knows where – hopefully the national scene and then the world! I thought before I go to much further I think I should start writing about the journey. Then I thought – I think I will write the journey for a book on my blog and if I get to travel abroad I will publish the book! So Look for my book to be started through blogging – called “Shoot for the Stars” – because even if you miss you will end up among the stars! I will write in installments with entry numbers to keep track. Please respond so I can include or feed off your comments. Look for the next entry.


Thanks to my quilter friends who have generously given me constructive feedback about my In the Beginning Quilt. One quilter said I should add a rainbow and dove to the Noah’s ark block! Brilliant. My friend Linda commented that the whale in my Jonah block looked juvenile compared to the others. That was spot on! I am redesigning that one today and plan to finishe the top so I can send it to my pal Maria for quilting.  I am feverishly working to get as much done as possible before I go to Pittsburgh for National Quilt Market. I get butterflies just thinking about it! Market is May 14-17. I have ordered a lime green shag rug and I am getting all my panel;s ready for the booth.


I am feverishly designing Chicago which is 1/2 done and San Francisco for my next two stamps. Linda also suggested LasVegas which is very appealing! I want to really make a mark in Pittsburgh with my stamps before anyone rips the idea off!

Watch for my “Shoot for the Stars”


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