Shoot for the Moon… #1 (Please leave comments)

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” Les Brown

This morning I walked the kids to the bus stop and went on my way to walk a few miles with our new little puppy, Lacey.  Walking and driving are the times when my ideas that are baking in the oven get checked like sticking a toothpick in a homemade devil’s food chocolate cake in the oven! I have had this idea in the over for several years. When I stuck the toothpick in this morning- it came out slightly wet and I took out the idea and decided it was almost ready and that it would be just perfect by taking the idea out now and letting it finish to perfection on the cooling rack which is this blog. Maybe the icing on the cake will be publishing of this journey. I love the icing, don’t you?

The idea is not original but it is a matter of timing. While lecturing in a Delaware guild last week I realized I am well on my way on my path to shooting for the moon. I though I should slow for a moment and capture the moment in writing so that maybe the next artist who seeks a similar path might glean an insight or two on their own homemade devils food chocolate cake. So here we go.

Guess it makes sense to start at the beginning. As a child my mom sewed some. She would make curtains and alter clothing on her singer sewing machine. That machine neatly converted into a walnut table that sat in our living room with a bouquet of silk flowers on a round hand tatted doily and two ceramic bird figures that my mom collected. That is where I got interested in sewing. At 12 years old I started baby sitting and trying to make a buck. I have always had an internal drive and love for multitasking. I started babysitting  at 12. One of the mothers that I sat for was a quilter.  I would do fine playing with the kids but when they went to bed I would get bored. So I would clean the house where I was sitting. Eventually the babysitting families would notice and give me a small tip. Then – I would offer my services to babysit while the kids were up and clean or mow the lawn while the kids slept. Multitasking at it’s earliest with a few extra bucks! The mom that was the quilter started a small home business of making homemade raw edge applique pillows with Unicorns and castles. Once the kids were settled I would sometimes cut out all the unicorn manes, horns and bodies. As time passed her home business grew into a professional craft business on the ACC Craft circuit. I worked with this crafter all through the 70’s and into the 80’s when I was home from college. That was my introduction to the concept of taking your hobby/passion and making a business.

Years passed and I got a BFA degree in graphic design. My first job was as Art Director of the Walden NY Paper Shopping Bag company owned by Champion International paper. Guess who my boss was? It was my husband Gary! It was quite the coo. Long story short, I was in the midst of a divorce and Gary had hired me as an intern. I was a very dedicated worker and found myself after hours getting ahead on work and always trying to make a better system in my art department. Gary was often after hours as well , as he is a self proclaimed work-aholic. One night after a long workday we stopped for pizza and talked about the current happenings. Next thing you know we both stopped thinking about work for a split second and said ” Hey, do we like each other”? The next thing we knew we decided to move to Dallas TX and lived together and today have three wonderful, creative and wild sons.

Okay – that is a quick synopsis of my journey from 12 years old until now. Isn’t that interesting how it took 47 years to make all that history yet I can write most of it it in just a few small paragraphs? Sometimes that is how fast life seems to travel. So what is the intention of this blog, possibly book? The intention is to document my journey in hopes that the next marksmen in the quilt/art/craft field will have a glimpse of the path I took and might figure out that some diversions along their path are worth it and others…not so much!

The Intention

The intention of my journey is simple.

My intention is to peruse my passion and focus that energy to continue on a never ending path of seeking knowledge with byproducts of a successful business that will provide a great income and an opportunity to make a wonderful work environment for a staff of employees.

[ I think I will stop now so I can work and maybe you will come back for the next installment of “Shoot for the Moon”. Please leave a comment.Subscibe to my blog so it will come to you directly every day that I post.]


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  1. Linda S
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 21:48:05

    Hmm, something else we have in common that I didn’t know about. 🙂 I met my husband while I was an undergraduate at U Wisconsin- Madison. He was my astronomy instructor (teaching assistant) and was married, too.

    We didn’t start going out together until a year after my class was over … and he divorced his wife … and I took him under my wing, so to speak.

    🙂 Linda


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