Tomorrow I have a lecture in Bethesda. I really enjoy lecturing and visiting other guilds. This weekend my parents came through on their way back from Florida to NY and we stuffed over 2,000 patterns into zip lock bags getting ready for market. I am working hard to get all my ducks in a row for Market. I am doing inventory and making up ample amounts of patterns to bring. I pick up my carpet for the booth on Wednesday and will set op the booth in my garage for a test run. I have my signs and business cards. I have no real idea what to expect. The economy is bad – the attendance might be light – however maybe only those who really want to buy will attend. Who knows. I am very nervous about going. This is like the BIG EXAM I have be prepping for for years! Will I get just a few new customers or a good amount? Will I make good contacts? Am I am out of my league? YIKES!

At the same time I am excited to be going. It is fun to really be in the place you hoped to be in. I will give you an update. I can not believe that in less than two weks Zebra Patterns will be formally introduced to the whole USA and some other parts of the world. This may be the door I need to walk through to start teaching abroad!


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