Last minute thoughts….before Pittsburgh

Okay I have finished Chicago citystamp and I am packing up car after this last posting. I really have no idea what will happen in Pitts. Will we make enough to cover our expenses which will easily reach about 3-4,000 dollars? Will I get some National exposure? International? I do not want to have my sights set too low or high – so I guess I just won’t set any. I have put ot the call for positive energy from all my groups and guilds. If you have some good positive profitable thoughts send them my way!

What ever happens – I can feel very positive about setting a goal of creating a line of patterns and going National in 5 years. I am even a bit ahead of schedule – BIG Surprise huh? LOL! Below see the Chicago stamp. It is pretty cool in person – It is glittery and embellished.

Got to go – Guess I should pack some clothes and get the van loaded! Yip – 11:20pm and I am not packed. Good thing I am not a girl girl needing hours to chose makeup and perfect outfits! I will be wearing comfortable black Travel Sweat Suits with my Zebra Shirts – I have 2. I will also wear sneakers! I decided a few months ago – that is who I am. I need to be comfortable and in a jog suit to run about and put my best foot forward!

Maybe I will blog from the show – we will see.!

Chicago Citystamp

Chicago Citystamp

Oh yea- I have the In the Begining pix to show you too. I really like this one. It added some glittery trim to this too!



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