Shoot for the Moon #9

[This blog is out of sync.  I will go back and continue from Shoot from the Moon #8 after Market. I will put this in sequence as I catch up with my history. I need to write this now because it is happening now. ]

Less than 24 Hours until my first National Market

It is now 2:19am on Wednesday. We leave in about 5-6 hours for Pittsburgh.  This is my 5 year mark goal – to go to National market with my patterns. I think back and it has really gone quickly. It has been a ton of work. I will be bringing 19 florals, 6 Citystamps, 2 Door hangers, 4 children’s, one chair cover, one stocking, one batter up,  12 Butterflies and 12 Birds for my first showing.  That is 56 patterns in my debut line. I think I exceeded my goal. Originally I wanted about 20-25 patterns to go to market.

So How do I feel? Well I am anxious. Think about it. I am putting out almost 5 years of work. It is like being graded on a big exam. I prepared. I worked hard. I did my homework. Is it enough to get a passing grade? Then I think about the market. It is such a bad economy. Is that bad because people won’t buy? – or is it good because many small exhibitors will not attend making me set up for more business with less competition?  Only time will tell. I also feel that I have to be courageous because if I do not do well I need to walk away from this whole concept and know that I did my best.

Am I ready? Yes – I achieved all my goals of getting 6 stamps ready. I did change my mind at the last minute and added that Beach Stamp in place of San Francisco. I think that may have been wise. Customers can see it is a series of Cities – the beach is a spin off from the stamps. I added one floral – the bleeding heart. I wanted to have some new stuff to show my existing customers. I did complete the Butterflies Series of 12/ plus BOM and as a bonus completed the In the Beginning Series. I think that has real potential.

What would I like? I would like to come back with a strong indication that this can be a viable business. I would like to hook up with a fabric company to design my own fabric line. I have been thinking about that and I want to design a line of clear jeweltone batiks with textures that would work well in my quilts. I would like to meet some of the influential quilting people and do business with them. I would like to meet customers from abroad and be invited to come lecture and speak abroad. Hey – Shoot for the Moon right?

So lets see what happens. I am going to bed to get some sleep to start a NEW day and maybe a NEW business adventure with the big boys of Quilting!


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