Shoot for the Moon #12

Well today was the day I finished writing the directions and making the patterns for “In the Beginning” – the Judea/Christian quilt. Thank goodness it is done! Writing the directions is absolutely the worst part of making a pattern! It is especially daunting when you have to write twelve of them! It has been hanging over my head for weeks. When I write patterns I have to work in quiet. No fun music or tv to distract me. Working alone I have to write the directions and read and reread the several times. It is weeks like these when I say – “Why am I doing this again?”. I guess I just need to build my business up to the point that I can have a full time editor of patterns. That is a good vision! I think I will add that to my vision board.

Do you have a vision board? If not you should have one. Everyone should have one.  A vision board is a space that you gather pictures or images of things that you want to achieve or aim toward. I had a picture of a new large studio on mine about two years ago. Guess what? We are under contract with a construction company to start the free standing garage/studio any day now. We are just waiting for permits. Also on the vision board was Market – guess I can check that off too. My vision board is electronic. I have a file on my computer. Sometimes I print it out and keep it in front of me. Vision boards are powerful things- you should make one and see for yourself. I think the mere act of stopping and organizing your thoughts and putting them down in a collage is the first step in achieving your goals. You can clip images and words from magazines or from the Internet. A vision board does not have to be practical. The sky is the limit!

Maybe I will update my board tomorrow in my studio and post it on my blog – what do you think – is that of interest to you?

I have been getting many calls from magazines looking for me to advertise with them. I am not going to do that at this point. Direct marketing is a better use of my time and money. I received a big box of goodies from Krenik – a fancy thread and ribbon company. I can’t wait to dig into that! I will surely give you all an update. They have fusible ribbons and threads. They have dimensional threads and a huge selection of metallics. Yummy!

Tomorrow I will continue writing the article I have been asked to write for Pokey Bolton’s summer issue of Quilting Arts. I will make three new samples of art based on my sketch book and use them to illustrate my new technique of digital underpainting and oversketching. It is a really cool method.

Again – I can not tell you how happy I am that those patterns are done! This is one of those weeks where shooting for the moon has been a real challenge. I was ready to shoot alright! I was ready to shoot my computer after sitting there for days writing and writing! There are many aspects of starting a business that are not pleasant. Another annoying job is inventory! Gary and I spent several hours doing that this week after the work day. You see I have to have a small inventory that I can carry with me to shows. That inventory needs to be in small totable bins. Then I need my stock inventory. That can be larger quantities in larger bins. But it all needs to be counted and accounted for. We counted over 60 pattern designs and anywhere from 5- 70 patterns per design. Hmm..guess I need to add a book keeper to my vision board. I know there are bean counters out there that are happy as a clam counting and recording – I am not one of those people. Seems as if my staff is growing in my head!

My Ideal Business

All this writing gave me an idea. I should write down my ideal business scenario. Okay -I see an art department. I see 3-4 creative energetic positive motivated designer/quilters working in a large clean space with bins and bins of beautiful fabric. Imagine the walls lined with every color thread in 12, 30,40, 50 and 60 weight! (Might as well go for it – it is my dream) The workers all love to come to work each day.

I see a small office with our in house editor/pattern writer quilter. She is in a homey little office with her fingers banging out accurate and detailed memos, notes articles and of course patterns.

The next office over is for accounting and billing. These happy people (I see two) are counting and adding and billing and are happy as clams doing the business side of Zebra Patterns.

Next I see my office which is roomy and has a large work table. My office is attached to the large design area. I also see a comfy couch and a large screen tv. I almost forgot a big computer area with several large printers. I think the printers should go in their own room- they are noisy and would be shared by everyone. I think the building is getting bigger…because I need a large stylish conference/lounge area for brainstorming and meetings.We need a spot for our dog Lacey – she is so cute. She will be happy in the big design room or on my comfy couch.

Oh and while I am at it lets add a small private comfy room if anyone needs to nap for awhile to get rid of a headache or does not feel well.

Now for my favorite thing –  a fabulous kitchen with a great dining area. Guess we need a cook on staff. I would love to feed everyone lunch everyday. When I was in my twenties and the Computer Design director for a Pre-flight production house I was sent to a company in Minnesota called Purup. I was there for two weeks learning state of the art computers. I will never forget their lunchroom. They had a nice lady that came in and cooked a homemade meal every day for lunch. It was so cool and all of the staff loved it. The lady cooking loved her job as well. Doesn’t that sound like a great perk? We need a big warehouse. I just want it to be clean and room and well organized.

So what will we do in our company? Well of course we will make patterns. We will make dvds and books. We will publish patterns for other quilters. We will have our own line of batiks. We will teach and give lectures and seminars. We will have classes for teens. We will have retreats and quilt shows. Boy we are going to be busy – guess we need a few more employees. So what do you think? Sound like a plan? It does to me! Want a job? Flexible hours – free homemade lunch each day. Until next time….

We are off to a quilt show in Annapolis where we will be vending for the weekend.


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