Shoot for the Moon #14

Who knew shooting for the Moon could be so involved! I know I have been working towards this “growth” moment but it is really going crazy. The Zebra Name is getting out and orders are coming in.

Big Decision

We made our first big decision. We decided to let Keepsake Quilting carry our patterns in their international retail catalog. You might say – What decision? Isn’t that great? Well – yes and no. It is great that they saw me in Pittsburgh and that they invited my to be a part of their catalog. Apparently it is not easy to get in to it. Well I was asked at market and they called early last week. The deal is that they want wholesale pricing LESS 30%! Whew – that is a bit steep. We took a breath and made the decision to give it a shot. Their first order will be between 90-120 patterns of each pattern. They chose the Citystamps (copy-write). That is ok – but if the pattern sells well it could mean reorders of hundreds and maybe even thousands. Sounds good – huh? But guess who has to fold and stuff all of those for a much reduced profit? Well I posed the question to my family and they all said they would help fold.  Zebra is approaching a crossroads. I have researched the cost of going to a large commercial printer. That does not make sense until you hit the 1,000 unit mark. This could be that time. If so – they would print and fold, I would just assemble. We will see. I want to sell a ton of patterns on one hand – but then again do I really want to sell thousands? Guess I will see real soon. The decision was made in order to expose my patterns and name nationally/internationally. We did decide to pass on getting set up with distributors for now. They too want 30% of the bottom line.


I have also learned about scheduling! I have been teaching/lecturing for the past 2-3 years. Last week it worked out that I had two lecture/teaching sessions in Delaware on Monday-Tuesday. I came home Wednesday and went to a Biance concert. Man is she amazing! Then Thurs-Friday I went to Phillie and gave two lecture/classes, followed by a local class Saturday. Can you say over scheduled?  If that were not enough we had 12 twelve year old boys have a camp out Saturday, we had 18 fourteen year olds painting tee shirts this afternoon and we have 10-15 seventeen year olds coming to hang at the pool tonight. We have cooked over 6 dozen hamburgers and 8 packages of hot dogs. The tough part is when you lecture for guilds they are booking you 1-2 years in advance. Local classes are booked about 4-6 months in advance. I think you have to limit engagements to a maximum of one per week when you are trying to run a business, raise a family and keep a house. At least that is what I am going to shoot for.

Biance Concert in DC 2009

Biance Concert in DC 2009


This week I will fill out the paperwork for Houston. We will do the Market and the Festival. I am hoping my sister in law Patti or my friend Nancy will come and help. Gary must stay home with the boys. I think I will sign up to do a schoolhouse too. That is a private 15 minute session where you get to pitch a product to the buyers. I will pitch my Block of the Month programs and my stamps.

Guess I need to go get some more hot dogs ready – the teens are coming any minute.


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