Shoot for the Moon #15

Two days ago I celebrated my 48th birthday. I traveled to Columbus Ohio and gave two trunk shows at Quilt Beginnings in Columbus. The shop is great – in fact the owner has two shops- both are great.  We are still in Ohio watching my two older boys swim at Ohio State.  It is 2 in the morning on July 5, 2009. I cannot sleep so I might as well blog. Sitting here writing I have realized that I am fulfilling another part of my dream/my shooting for the moon. In the last ten days I have lectured and gave trunk shows in three states – Delaware, Pennsylvania and now Ohio. I got an email last week to speak in CA! I guess it is really happening! Being here in Ohio I get very connected quickly to the quilt shop customers and to some of the owners. Cathy is the owner of Quilt Beginnings and she is sharp as a tack and has a great business. I have already received positive feedback via email from her customers . While I am hanging out in between swim sessions I get bored quickly! So I decided to make my first State Stamp. It is OHIO! I think Cathy will do very well with this stamp. I will send it to her tomorrow via email. See pix below. What do you think? I think the State stamps will incude the state bird, state capital, state flower, state tree and any other things I can work in. Sometimes you get a strong vibe while you are in the place you are designing something about. I am in Ohio with a few books and a computer so I made this new state stamp.


This is just a sketch. I will work on the pattern next week at home. I need to do MD and TX as well. I need to rest and take a break but once I get an idea for a new pattern I need to make it!It is amazing that I have been working hard at this business for over 4 years and I am even more jazzed about the whole thing that I was a few years back! How is that possible? I guess when you finally find your passion it all starts working like a fine oiled machine. But I need to remember the machine needs to be refueled  weekly and needs some downtime.

Next Tuesday they are starting our new studio/garage. That was on my vision board. I am telling you vision boards and mission statements have extraordinary power! It is crazy that things seem to be coming faster than ever! I guess you can not dream too big.

So when I reflect on the continuing efforts of shooting for the moon I have come to the conclusion that it is a constant trial to keep balance. I have not made time to walk and exercise in 4 weeks with all the work and travel and that needs to change. I do not feel as god as when I exercise. So tomorrow is the day I will start back on that routine.

I also am questioning what can Zebra Patterns become? How many patterns can I really sell? It was only last fall that I was printing 24 – 36 patterns at one time. I am now printing 100 at a time and I am starting to do 200 for a few popular patterns. That is the part of the whole equation that is so mysterious. I know that quilting in 2006 was a 3.3 billion dollar business. Did you know on average 1 in every 19 homes has a quilter? Isn’t that nuts? I have booked at least 5 speaking engageents in the past two weeks. I have two emails waiting in my email folder for when I get home. Crazy!

Gary tells me to just focus on creating and teaching and lecturing. That is good advise.  If there were only 50 hours in every day! And ten days per week would help too.

Okay I better sign off as I have to get up for the next swim session in 6 hours- yikes! Would love feedback on the Ohio stamp.


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  1. Linda S
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 21:17:34

    I love the Ohio stamp! My Mom lives there, you know. 🙂

    The only thing is — every quilt maker knows Ohio Star…wonder if there is some way to work that design in?

    🙂 Linda


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