Shoot for the Moon #16

The Barn/Studio

Last spring Gary decided to build a new exterior building for more garage space/a workshop and a new studio for me. I think we will have to call it “The Barn”. My new studio space will be 17.5′ x 40′. It will be upstairs. Today – in fact right now the crane is putting the trusses in place. When it is a big building! It was hard to imagine the size of it from just a cement slab. We picked out some whitewashed wood flooring yesterday. Two days ago we ordered the cupola and weather vane. The weather vane is a peace dove instead of the standard rooster. As I write it is another thing that was on my vision board 3-4 years ago. I am really encouraging you to keep a vision board. So below there are pix of the barn raising!

Barn 016Barn 017Barn 019Barn 020Barn 024

Barn 2 (2)Barn 2 (6)Barn 2 (4)Barn 2 (1)


This will be the cupola

Weather Vane

This will be the weather vane

PIP Pouch

I am working on and have finished samples and directions for a new trade show/guild neck pouch. It will hold your name tag, your favorite collector pins and your phone. It is very cool. I will be sending it to Pin Peddlers who sell pins at all the big shows and markets. It will also be added to the zebra patterns line.  I have also finished the Blue Bonnet flower – just need pix and instructions. Of course I still have to do the Ohio stamp sample/directions and I have two more butterfly and In the beginning quilts to make. I better go and get busy!


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