Shoot for the Moon #17


I booked my 11 day hotel stay in Houston. Talk about stress! I was able to get in a Marriott only 4-5 blocks away and it is a suite. That is good because eating out for 11 days could get to be a bit much. I have decided to fly down. Once I saw it was over 2,000 miles I switched gears. I am anxious about the thought of shipping everything! VERY ANXIOUS! In fact the whole idea of going to Houston for 11 days is freaking me out. It is the same old anxiety- what if I don’t sell enough? What if the stuff gets lost? What if I can’t bring enough? What am I doing? Is this worth it? Am I making a mistake? Maybe I should have only gone to Market and skipped Festival? HELP!

So shooting for the moon has considerable anxiety. Today I got orders for over 150 patterns and booked 1 workshop and another lecture in 2010. I also got a call about another lecture possibility in PA and one in Indiana.

I have a pile of florals and two Bible quilts, two butterfly quilts all ready to get appliqued. I am going back to Ohio next week for a Shop Hop. I will help to promote my patterns and give demos all day. Hopefully I will work on my first Statestamp – Ohio tomorrow. I do have a studio session with a student for two hours.

This is all very exciting but VERY Overwhelming. We are still waiting for the Keepsake order – which will be in the hundreds. That should come any day now.

I am writing all of this boring detail because hopefully it will help someone who is trying to break into the pattern business understand – once the ball of progress starts rolling it really can pick up speed before you know it. So today I say – shooting for the moon is anxiety provoking! Ugh!

I think I need a quilt business therapist! I am sure there is not such a creature – but it sure would be nice to lay on a couch and freak out for 50 minutes to a person who has many answers and advise for a quilt designer trying to make her way – even if I have to pay 100.00/hour.


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