Shoot for the Moon #19

I am home in my own bed after a three day jaunt to Ohio for a Shop hop in Columbus where I demonstrated and lectured to tons of happy quilt shop hoppers. I was at Quilt Beginnings in Columbus. What a quilt shop! The owner, Cathy is full of positive energy and has an amazing staff. Basically I lectured about my organizational skills about how to go about raw edge fusing in a efficient and progressive manor. I make hundreds of samples for my pattern company. I have a method of getting the quilts done. Cathy the owner asked me to tell everyone just how I go about creating a fused quilt. By that I do not mean just the technical aspects – but the organizational ones as well. It was very well received and I think there is enough material to do a lecture about the whole subject. I will get to work on the outline!

I am happy to report that I brought 48 OHIO State-stamp patterns to the shop Wednesday night. They were on the shelves on Thursday and I am happy to say that they sold out in just 1-1/2 days. I had no idea how much Ohio quilters LOVE their state! I have a run of patterns in at the printer now. I will need to get them asap so I can ship them to her.

I stayed at Cathy’s new home about 30-40 minutes from the shop. It was lovely. I visited with her daughter and her husband Dennis. Dennis is a wine expert. He tried hard – but no luck with me and wine. I once drank wine when I was in college and got very sick from it and really can not stomach the idea of drinking for pleasure. We had wonderful dinners and conversation.Cathy and Dennis will be coming to our house on Labor day. We are really looking forward to having them at our home.

I have to say that this is one of the best perks of shooting for the Moon. I am meeting and making new friends that are such wonderful people! It has often been said “quilters are the friendliest and warm people”. I can personally attest to that. Cathy asked me if the quilters I had met were different from the MD quilters – My answer was – not at all. We all seem to be on the same page, speak the same language and share the same interests.

When you are shooting for the moon it must be focused around something you are passionate about. The passion has to be so deep so ingrained that you just simply cannot tire of it. If you find that special thing – the moon does not seem very far away at all!

Thanks to all my new friends in Ohio.

Oh and by the way, while I was in OH- my son Brooks had a swim meet this week in Bucknell and he got three National Cuts. That is amazing for a 17 year old. He said the meet was very fast and there were several Olympians competing! He will go to his first National Competition in December! Until next time –


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