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I am just not thrilled with the USA pattern. I have reworked it in three ways – See if any of these speak to any of you. I thought I would include you all in my design process – so you can see how long it takes to tweak and get it right. Take a look…. The bottom right has oak leaves – which is the National tree and a rose which is the national bird. The eagle is the national symbol, the motto is In God we Trust and of course the nations capital building is in the center.40099-USA-cOMPARE-8-20


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth
    Aug 25, 2009 @ 21:32:27

    Hi Debra–

    Design 1 on left: I think having the stripes go through the letters USA is a bit busy and hard to read. Have you considered making the letters a solid red or blue, with stars in between the letters (as “punctuation” if you will)?

    Design 2, middle: I prefer the SOLID red lettering used here and in #3, although I am not 100% sold on using a script. This design has a bit more visual “peace” and simplicity to it, which is nice.

    Design 3: I like the addition of the sun and how the stripes orient from it. God knows our country needs the optimistic feel!

    I also like how you’ve played with the scale of the eagle in #3–I think you’re on to something with that exercise. Looking at the design in terms of that change, it seems like maybe your “problem” is too many little elements that create a sense of “too busy” overall. Do you even NEED the oak leaves added in there, or could they be at a different scale?

    I hope these comments do come across as constructive and helpful, that’s how I meant them! I can see that you’re on you way to another great design!

    Beth Werrell


    • zebrapatterns
      Aug 25, 2009 @ 22:26:04

      Beth –
      Thanks for the feedback – Something is just not right. I had a great suggestion from a friend – I am going to try another approach and post that – stay tuned. All comments are constructive and helpful. I am not afraid to ask for help when I feel something is off! All of us are always better than just one of us. I really appreciate your feedback!


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