Shoot 4 the Moon#22 – America Forever – critique talk…

THANKS to everyone for their help. I am 90% sure this will be my final for America, my first NationStampTM.  What I like about this version of America  is that it looks peaceful and tranquil. The eagle is swooping down with the best message ever – “In God we Trust”/the nations motto. By adding the red/white and blue border instead of my typical black and white zebra stripe added what was missing for me. There is not any reference to man made products – like buildings or monuments.

It has been interesting getting comments and how people phrased their comments. I got feedback such as… love the eagle, hate the eagle, too busy, off colors, etc.  I had many people sending critique apologetically. I found that interesting. I thought it worth blogging about. Let me explain something about critique. When an artist asks for critique – it is more like feedback. I do not take any comment personally. All comments are mere comments from that person’s perspective. By not taking comments personally I benefit – my design benefits. Asking for feedback/critique it is not in any way putting me in a vulnerable position. Maybe new my critics felt that giving feedback could be offensive. It is the comments I have gotten from all of you that allowed me to get where I need to go. I found this whole process very interesting. I belong to two fiber artist groups where we are well versed in critique. It was interesting to see how a group of mostly non-artists (not sure what to call you all) responded.I did have a few artsy friends give great feedback too.

Let me explain why I asked for help. I could have just let the design sit and bug me. I might have released the pattern as it was – mediocre. I have made enough designs to know that if I made a design that I was less than thrilled with it would bug me forever! I usually ask for feedback from my art groups, however it is summer and we did not meet. I thought about sending it out to my friends, family and blog followers. It was a great idea. I got back bits and pieces from all my supporters that was spot on – just like my critique groups with professional artists. So I thank you for your comments. No need for any apologies when I ask for critique. Thank you Thank you.I appreciate that you gave honest detailed responses.

It is a good feeling when you finally arrive at a place you are happy with. Somehow I just know when a design is done, balanced and conveys the message I wanted to get across. I know this America design may not be for everyone but it makes my heart sing. I can’t wait to make it. I will use some gold lame and gold piping to give the stamp prestige.  Take a look.



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