Shoot for the Moon #23- MD stamp – on a roll!

Maryland Statestamp TM

I am so happy about America that I was able to finish the Maryland State stamp I have had on a back burner. It is funny when you get on a good wave of creative juices the designs just flow easily. But as you have seen in the past few blog entries that does not always happen. I am happy I got stuck on the America stamp. I am grateful I asked for help and got awesome feedback. My hope it that it illustrated how artists experience blocks all the time. I guess I am old enough to know when I need to ask for help. I could have just let the America stamp set and eventually work something out – but I know it has become something so much more by getting feedback from my friends…you know it takes a village to create a Nationstamp!

Annapolis too!

So here is the Maryland StateStamp. It will have two versions. One will be the MD stamp, the other Annapolis. I will make some FREE alternative type/images for my friends in Annapolis. They have really wanted an Annapolis Citystamp. Don’t tell the people of Annapolis but I really do not think the rest of the country will think that Annapolis will be able to hang with DC, NY, Phillie and Chicago. shhhhh! So that is the beauty of having a small business – no red tape – I can make any stamps I want. So the MD stamp will have FREE pattern pieces on my website to replace the words MARYLAND with “Annapolis” … and…wallah!…Annapolis CityStamp! Annapolis should not feel bad…Keepsake Quilting did not take Baltimore Citystamp in their order. Keepsake Quilting is the largest retail quilt catalog in the world. They only took the four big cities. They are featuring my stamp patterns in their current catelog – that is good!

Take a sneak peek! …


As you can see the stamp includes the Black eyed Susan – the state flower,  the Oak leafs – the state tree,  an Oriole the state bird, a Maryland crab and of course the capital building in Annapolis.  In the bottom right is the Navy Anchor symbol for the Annapolis Naval academy. The water in the back is the Chesapeake Bay with a simple skip-jack floating along. This should make all the proud Maryland people happy and satisfy that extra proud Annapolis gang!


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