Shoot 4 the Moon #24 – This and That…

Fourth and Sixth Workshop

Last Thursday I treated myself to a class! I had won a FREE class from the Nimblefingers guild Challage. The guild had the two sisters from Fourth and Sixth Designs speak and followed up with a lecture. The lecture was on strata. Strata is long strips of fabric sewn together to make new fabric. Then we cut it into small blocks to make a quilt. The class participants chose between one of the two patterns that the speakers provided – but I did my own thing. Awhile back I was going to take a class with another national strata teacher. Once I got to the retreat and saw her work, I was disappointed and passed on the class. I had made 11 hours worth of strata for that class! As I sat and listened to their lecture – I thought – I may crash that class and use that tedious strata from years ago.  I did have another motive – I wanted to pick their brains about Houston and quilt market. The sisters shared openly and I learned a lot of details about Houston.

I will post what I worked on below. It is a tossed rainbow strata – of course with a message/typography and symbol. I found the rainbow blocks to look a little sixties – ish and put my political comment on it – time for peace! The whole world is behaving so childishly. We are living is such a rapid exciting time of discovery and learning with technology and communications – that I just want to tell the world – enough already – of fighting and dividing! It’s time!

The piece is not done – I scanned in the finished blocks and designed the rest digitally. I would love to drop everything and finish it but that is not in the cards right now – Houston is coming!

"It's Time" - Strada Blocks with pained white Grafitti

"It's Time" - Strada Blocks with pained white Grafitti


All the papers came and we are filling those out for show needs like electricity – phones and the like.  We have a credit card terminal on its way here. That is a must in Houston. I have three new patterns sitting on my studio table ready for samples…America, Maryland, and Texas.  Last night I worked on California Statestamp. I think it is done too. I will post it soon. It is upstairs on my laptop. I really could use some elves right now! I left the patterns on my studio table;e over night – but when I came down this morning – no samples! Where are those elves? Do you have their email?

I am making progress. It was good that the kids had school last week – it really opened up some non interrupted time.

Flashback of my illness

As I have been writing “Shoot for the Moon” I occasionally have flashbacks.  Most not so good but some very good! My not so good flashback had to do with neuropathy.  Neuropathy is another lovely side effect of chemo and radiation. It is a condition in which your toes and fingers go numb and stay numb until you stop all the chemo. Hopefully, after a good amount of time, the feeling comes back, mine did. It is very annoying. I was reminded when I heard someone say they were having trouble with their fingers feeling numb. It is one of those added cancer bonuses.. not only are you weak, nauseaus, bald and puking… but when you assume the position in front of the porcelain bowl – you can not even feel the toilet seat! Oh I almost forgot – your toenails and fingernails have also fallen off! CRAZY!

So as I was recalling that unwanted memory I decided I needed to remember something good about when I was sick.  I thought for awhile and I actually came up with two! The first was fond memories of  being very thin and when I had a good day I would get on matching bra and panties and look at my body wearing high heals! It was great – 100 pounds in 3 inch heals – I looked like I was 16 again! Maybe even better! I tried not to look above the shoulders – the bald head did not add anything to the picture – but I do now know I have a nice round smooth head. Being around all those bald people – I felt very fortunate to not have dents, bumps or nasty moles.  The other great plus was my diet.  When I could eat I would eat a tender rare piece of the finest steak and a chocolate milkshake. Those were the  great over riding memories to offset the neuropathy flashbacks! A sixteen year old body and steak and milkshakes for dinner were good times!

The Barn (new studio)

I must get an updated pix on this blog! Will do soon! It is all done on the outside. The dry wall is up and will be done on Wednesday. We lost some time as it is the Labor Day weekend. They start trim as soon as the drywall is done…then paint, floors and final electric and plumbing fixtures. I think the move will not happen until after Houston. I have a ton of speaking engagements on the agenda as well between now and Houston.  okay – until the next time …….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Eddins
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 16:45:45

    Oh Debra you are so funny with the 16 year old body! I thought I had read in a previous post the you had had cancer some time in the past but then when I took your class you looked so healthy and were so vibrant that I thought I must have made it up in my head. After reading this post I discover no, it’s not one of my made up memories to try to take the place of all the other memories I don’t seem to hold on to. The mental picture of you in the high heals is priceless!


    • zebrapatterns
      Sep 11, 2009 @ 18:43:52

      Thanks for the comments! Aside from being bald and a lillte grey in color – my body was HOT!


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