Okay – as promised here are the new photos of the Barn. It is really coming along – but it is very messy now with all the digging for utility hook ups.

Barn 9-24-09--14

Barn 9-24-09--13 Barn 9-24-09--12 Barn 9-24-09--10 Barn 9-24-09--9 Barn 9-24-09--11 Barn 9-24-09--8 Barn 9-24-09--7 Barn 9-24-09--6 Barn 9-24-09--5 Barn 9-24-09--4 Barn 9-24-09--2

Barn 9-24-09--15 Barn 9-24-09--16


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  1. Sue Van Voorhees
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 22:00:31

    It wouldn’t be YOU withut a bright color. I love the lime -especially in the winter. Will it ever “jar” you, or throw your color “eye” off??
    Miss you – Life is good herein Grand Junction – better than we thought. I’m planning to call you to talk a bit after Sept 30th. Until then, stay calm, and don’t forget anything.
    Love, Sue


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