Houston – Festival Update

This quilt is listed at her website for sale at a hefty price of $61.000! Yes I did not make a typo – it is listed for 61K!

Diane Rusin Doran - Wins third in Minature Category

Diane Rusin Doran - Wins third in Minature Category

My incredibly talented good friend Diane Doran won third prize with her “Last Dance” digital image. Diane came down for the ceremony. We met up for drinks and Diane was helping out in the booth. Diane lives down the road from me and is an incredibly talented artist. (here is her website: www. dianedoran.com)

The quilts here at Houston are amazing. I have told a few friends I don’t know whether to be inspired or discouraged. I think I will chose to be inspired.

Festival Opens

Last night Festival opened from 5-7 for class attendees and 7-10 for the general public. We had a nice crowd. I had been warned that today would be crazy. I found it to be crowded but not crazy. I have asked around and other vendors said business seemed to be a bit slower.

I observed that many people were marking down booth numbers and said they would return to buy on Friday or Saturday. We shall see. We had several people say that our booth number was wrong in the program guide- we checked and sure enough – they had us in the 1400 aisle – when we were in the 2000 aisle. We expressed our concern  to management and they apologized and promised me a free link on the next show. (A 200.00 expense) I did go to the 1400 aisle and tell the lady that my booth was listed at that there was a mistake. She was very gracious and said she would pass on the correct number.

Gary is on his way back down tonight. He will stay through Monday and help us break down. I have been so fortunate to have 4 friends volunteer to help me. We have all been working hard but still having fun.

Best Sellers

So far the Stamps are the best sellers. During market the BOM’s did great. People are LOVING the printed panels. I think the printed panels really have the potential to do amazing.

The days left…

I have been told that Friday should be busier than today as people take off on Friday. The word is more busses come on Friday. I have been told weekly workers make time for Festival on Saturday and that Sunday is quiet.

Whats happening at home in MD

I have been told the barn now has power and sinks. The flooring has been delivered. My son Austin took his first PSAT exams. My oldest, Brooks is heading to his fifth and final official visit to University of Maryland this weekend. Then he will go forward in making his decision which schools he wants to talk with further. My little guy Cole has sleep over plans. I miss my boys and my sweet little doggy – Lacey.

I have snapped a few pix of the booth. See below.

My First Booth in HOuston - Booth 2031

My First Booth in HOuston - Booth 2031

Straight on View

Straight on View

We sure are in TEXAS!

I told you all in a previous blog that my childhood friend Peggy has been helping me out.  Even though she grew up and lived in NY for over 25 years – I think she is a real Texan now. While we were walking back to the hotel after our long lunch Peggy tells me she loves it in Houston. Somehow the subject of safety came up and Peggy told me she was packin’. Packin? Packin what? – A GUN! Peggy has a license to carry a concealed handgun. OMG! I asked her if it was loaded and she said yes! OMG! OMG!So when we got to the room I asked to see it – OMG! I told her she was a REAL live redneck! Peggy stayed last night with Dee and me in the Hotel. This morning I woke up and went out to the kitchenette area and this is what I saw… Dee’s tools and Peggy’s on the same table! OMG!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow. . . . .

Dee's iron and Peggy's iron

Dee's iron and Peggy's iron


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