Houston . . . two days left

Day Three (Friday) of Festival

The festival opens at 9:30 and closes at 7pm.  The show closes at 5 on Sunday and then we break down. That is a long day. Yesterday the whole gang reported for duty! Peggy, Dee, Sandy, Gary and I were all in the booth. Gary was just stopping for a few minutes as he was going on a business call near the TEX/MEX border.

Some of the most fun events of the day were seeing Michele and Sherry from my Obama Artist quilt group. I can see coming to Houston is not only a spectacular quilt show and festival, but a reunion place!


We found this restaurant down here called Guadalajara. We have eaten there 6 times since we have been down. They have a ceviche dish that is amazing! I have had it 6 times! Last night Dee, Sandy, Peggy and I have had a wonderful night of food, drink, dessert and fellowship. One night earlier in the week Dee went back to the hotel and the waiter sent her back chips and dip!

The Atmosphere

I know you have all heard it a million times before but it REALLY is true that quilters are amazingly friendly. Everyone you meet here is joyous and happy. I think that is because they are so passionate about fabric and like types attract. I have made some awesome contacts. I have become friends with Cynthia England as she was two booths down. What a nice and talented lady. I have become friendly with Beverly and Mary of Fourth and Sixth Designs. The best thing about networking is that most people are so willing to share experiences and give out tips.

I met and have spoken with Gail of the “3 sisters”. What a sweetheart. This is a clip from their bio on their website:

They are three talented award winning art quilters from 3 different countries; virtual sisters connected not by birth but by artistic creativity. They combine design, painting, fabric, education, and tri-nation creativity into inspirations of mythic proportions. Annette M Hendricks from Chicago IL USA, Gail E Thomas from Vernon BC Canada,and Helen Godden from Canberra ACT Australia have combined their passion for colour, design and textiles to create award winning Tri-Nation Collaborative quilts that cross nations and globe.

Keeping it Real

It has been interesting to see the quote ” Quilt Celebrities”. I have to frankly say – some of the most well known names are very impressed with themselves. Others are down to earth and very willing to share.


The foot traffic at the show has been heaviest from 10-3pm. The aisles are quite crowded. The congestion is intensified as there are hundreds of rental scooters in the aisles. If you get behind a scooter in the thick crowd you may wet your pants before getting to the ladies room! Speaking of ladies room – they opened both men and women’s rooms to the ladies. There is always a line 20 deep. The congestion is intensified as there are hundreds of rental scooters in the aisles. If you get behind a scooter in the thick crowd you may wet your pants before getting to the ladies room!

Quilt Vendors or Flea Market?

I was surprised to see a wealth of jewelry booths. Many of these booths have fiber related products – but many have standard jewelry. Then there are about 4-6 booths of massagers and massage chairs. There are both s sell in mops and sweepers. There are boths selling baskets and eyeglasses. What the heck?

Best Booths

Some of the best booths I have seen are selling finished dolls and luscious embellishments. I think I might try to go around and snap pix of my favorite booths. Would you like that? (pause ….) Yes – I am getting cyberspace vibes that you would! I will try to do that today.

I am off for the Saturday rush! More to come…


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