Shoot for the Moon #29

Chalk up another major experience while shooting for the moon. I really intend to put these posts into a book for quilters who really want to know what it is like to venture into pattern design as a full time business. I think I will do that after I feel I have a well established profitable business. Let’s set a date ….. maybe 3-5 more years? Yes lets say by 2014 or sooner – I will transfer all these posts into a comprehensive memoir for the future pattern designers. Hopefully it will give them a glimpse of the real trials and amount of work that is involved. That inspires a name for the book… “A TON OF WORK “the complete memoirs of a determined quilter following her passion and working hard to build a profitable business. What do you think?

It is Thursday after Festival and things are getting back in order. It has been a bit strange having so many orders to fill and having no product to ship! All my stock was in Houston. Gary just left to get the pallet that just arrived in a local shipping dock and I will start filing wholesale orders.

I have spoken with two of my new industry contacts made in Texas and it looks like things are going forward with plans for fabric design. I will let you in on the details as things firm up. I am proceeding with caution as I would like to avoid disappointment.

Looking back I feel I have a MUCH better grip on the Market/Festival experience than after Pittsburgh. I kept a small notebook of copious notes and business cards. That is the ticket!I have total recall and notes based on that simple tool.

Today I will fill and ship as much as I can and plan for what needs to be printed.

Yesterday I got a new sewing table delivered. I got it at market. It is a real sewing table by Horn/Regal. It has a lift for the machine and is counter height with a cutting mat on the top when the cabinet is closed. I have always just sewn with my machine on a table.

I have started my first book! I don’t want to give away too much on that either – but I designed the lay out the whole book and have two pages complete! I am really leaning toward self publishing. I cannot grasp the idea of doing a full book of writing and design and then have a publishing company give you 1.00 for each book- even if they do advertise. I will give you sneak peeks as I move along!

This weekend Austin my middle son is going to his first Homecoming Dance in high school. Brooks and his best friend Elena will be going too. I am going to make dinner for the kids before the Dance for 12 of Austin;s friends. Hey why not – I am not busy with anything else – lol.  It will be fun. I love to cook and entertain.  I will post pix next week. Brooks got his senior pictures. They look great. It is hard to believe that he is graduating high school. Cole has been home for two days and will be going to the Doctor tonight. Over 33% of his school is out with the flu. I hope it is not the flu. We are very worried.

As these projects continue I will keep you updated. I think I will try to snap some updated pix of barn over the next few days. Keep tuned..


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