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This weekend was homecoming for my two older sons. Austin had his first official date with corsage and boutonniere! Brooks went with his long time pal Elena. Austin took a new friend from high school – Dannie. Austin approached me early in the week to ask if they could go out to dinner before. We said yes and the restaurant they liked was out of business. Wednesday before the dance Austin asks if I could make dinner for them. “Them” was 3-4 couples. By Friday morning it was 3-4 couples and a few singles. Friday night at 8pm it was 19 of his friends.  So went back out to the store for a lot more food. Good thing I love to entertain and I have had plenty of experience with large crowds. The goal was to make “white” food – so when they spilled and dropped it before the dance it would not stain. No spaghetti sauces! I made 10 pounds of chicken strips breaded with panko crumbs and fettuccine alfredo. We had rolls and a sherbet fruit punch. For dessert 200 toffee bit scone cookies and a sheet cake. Some of the other parents brought fruit, appetizers, dessert, soda and salad. Below are the pix from the event. They had a GREAT time. I am so grateful healthy happy kids that would want to have a party at home! These are the good times!

Homecoming 2009_41Homecoming 2009_31Homecoming 2009_22Homecoming 2009_12Homecoming 2009 (17)Homecoming 2009 (7)Homecoming 2009 (6)Homecoming 2009 (2)Homecoming 2009Homecoming 2009_45Homecoming 2009_41


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  1. Renee Valdes
    Oct 26, 2009 @ 20:23:16

    Oh how special! I remember those days… cherish them while you can!


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