America & Baltimore Stamp Pattern Corrections….

Yesterday I taught a workshop on the Stamps. The workshop was fine, however I found out that my new America Pattern is missing a pattern page! I really feel bad when I make a mistake like that. I have already printed up 200 pages to go into the patterns. I will stuff the ones I have on hand tomorrow and I will send out the sheets to all my customers who bought the pattern at market. I AM ALSO GOING TO POST A PAGE ON MY WEBSITE FOR PATTERN ERRORS WITH DOWNLOADABLE CORRECTIONS.

Not only was there a mistake on America – there also was one on Baltimore that just got pointed out to me in class! That pattern has been out for a year. That mistake is less serious – I forgot to label the aquarium neon wave with piece #16 and there are two #15 buildings. One should have been 19.

Please go to the Zebra Patterns button on my site and you will see Pattern corrections listed. If I get any reports of problems I will post them here and provide solutions.  Sorry for the mistakes.


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