SEARCHING for volunteers for my book

Looking for…

I am looking for quilters who would like to test my book patterns. You need to know how to raw edge applique or turned edge applique. You need to be willing to work on these blocks/quilt over the next 4-5 months and have the final product completed by May 1, 2010.


The book involves 6 inch square fused applique blocks. The book theme is US State blocks. It is 50 great location blocks- one representing each state. The concept is that quilters can pick an assortment of blocks that have particular meaning to them from my new book. For example…Maybe you live in MD, but were born in NY, maybe you went to school in FL and your husband is from Hawaii. Get it? You would make blocks of the states that have special meaning. Then you would put them together how ever you think would look great. I was thinking of integrating them into some traditional patterns – like Irish chain? star patterns? log cabin?- what ever.   This concept is a spin-off from the state stamps. The blocks are only 6″ square so they would need other fabric elements/blocks to make a quilt.


How will it work?

I would like you to make the squares and then put them into a quilt, or tote, or wall hanging – or table runner. I am looking to see what you can make with the blocks. If the samples are great I will include them in my book in the gallery section. If they get chosen you will have full credit and your piece published as well as get a free finished book. (I will return your pieces after I photograph and possibly take them to market in Fall of 2010)

I would ask that you send in a digital photo via email for me to review. I will be deciding if the entered quilts will work well in the gallery.


How do I sign up?

I would like you to email me at

1. In the subject line of the heading please put: “WYB Book Volunteer”.

2. In the body of the email please put your email, name, address and a phone I can reach you at.

3. Describe the project that you had in mind. (Size and type of quilt… ex: throw, bed quilt, runner, tote – etc)

4. Next list the states you would be interested in doing.  (Up to 12 states for large quilt)


How do I know if I am accepted in program?

You will receive a confirmation from me via email and I will send you the patterns free for each state requested. You will be required to sign a release saying that you are taking part and will not distribute or reproduce my pattern other than for this program. You will also be signing that you will keep the concept and designs confidential and will not show or enter anything you may make into any shows or even in guild “show and tells” until after the book is released.


How does all that sound?

I think it will be fun and those of you who have been following me and or my blog would be able to take part in my first book. It might be cool to include a brief paragraph describing why certain states were included in your quilt. I have no idea if this will be successful – but I know there are a ton of very talented quilters out there who might love this challenge opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you! Debra



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  1. Spyware Help
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 05:50:10

    Just wanted to say thank you! for all the great info found on your blog, even helped me with my work recently 🙂 keep it up!


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