Shoot for the Moon #31

I will be working in my new studio starting Monday! Tomorrow we will get the couch we ordered today and next Friday the rug for the stairs and the small area rug for the couch will be delivered and installed. Gary got a flat screen TV and it is mounted on the wall. I put my Bernina 730 in my new sewing table. It is my first sewing table ever! I have always just sewn on a table or counter. After next Friday I will post pix of the progress. I still need to label all my drawers that are exposed. I also want to find my “vision board” that I made digitally to see where I am and what I would like to add and what can be deleted. It is really crazy to think about the fact that I will be working in a new place. I will post new images of the studio and my vision board soon.

I will be happy when all the schelping from house to studio is over! That has been a pain. It has been pouring here for 4 days. Moving has been wet and soggy!

My old studio is almost all cleaned out and cleaned up for Gary to move into over the next few weeks. He will move from the Guest room and we will have our old guest room back. That will be nice. The kids have friends over all the time and they are getting too big to share a bed or be interested in sleeping bags on the floor.

The book has been my fun/down time as I have settled in at night. I sit in my bed with the TV on and I design. I usually play Scrabble or cribbage on the computer to relax. I have been having such a fun time with these states I have not played Scrabble in weeks!

I am going to give you a peek at  a few states. These are my favorite so far – Maine – the Lighthouse State and Colorado with its Aspens, Mountains, CO River and canyons. I am really going to write this book! I am going to self publish. I have already looked into the costs and benefits. It sounds crazy – I am writing a book – but I am shooting for the moon and I am sure there are books on that moon along with patterns! eps

Colorado sm

I have AR, AL, AK, AZ, CA, CO, FL, HI, ME, MD, NY, OH, TX, VA, NH and MO done. 34 more to go! Plus I think I need to include DC – do you? Or save that for another books of cities?

Next week I am off to Upstate NY for a lecture and a workshop. I will be there on Wed-Thursday and then I will go to NYC to meet with the fabric company I am talking with.Then it will be Thanksgiving! I am having everyone and anyone who wants to come to my house. So far it will be my folks, my sister and her husband, and my niece and her family. I love to cook so it should be fun. If you have and “crowd pleaser recipes” please send them to me.

Keep tuned for more pix!




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