Studio and Thanksgiving

As promised here are the pix from the studio. I have been working in there the past 4-5 days. It is an amazing space.Enjoy the pix. The first shot is the stair well. We carpeted it for safety.





This shot is the view from the stairs. See my boys playing the Wii on the other end of  the studio? The pix below is the view from the other end.


You can see all the lime green labels. I have been working on labeling the bins. Below see the bins with their labels and the fabric closets.




The next two pix are the angle closets. The bins in there are all on rollers.

The next pix is of the computer cove, the dormers and one of Lacey.

The studio works great for poker too!

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful space. I look forward to really getting to work. Fall has been a blur with the first showing at Houston and all the prep and follow-up work. That was followed by moving and getting settled in the new space. I am itching to start working.My first project will be an abstract alter covering that I will be doing for my church. I will post pix when I finish.

Tomorrow I start cooking for Thanksgiving. We will host 12. I really enjoy cooking and hosting.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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