Want an email everytime there is a new post?

My web address: https://zebrapatterns.wordpress.com

Email Subscriptions

You can currently use Feedburner to offer e-mail subscriptions to your WordPress.com blog. This way, your subscribers will be notified via e-mail of new posts on your blog.

  1. Register a Google account (if you do not already have one) at http://feedburner.google.com/
  2. Once you log into your new account, you will be offered to ‘burn’ your blog’s RSS feed (which is, http://DOMAIN.wordpress.com/feed). Enter the feed URL there and click Next.fb-signin
  3. Enter the details of your feed – Feed Title and Feed Address (if the feed address has already been taken, you will be notified accordingly and need to choose another).fb-details
  4. You will receive a message stating that your feed is now live. Click on the Skip Directly to Feed Management link.fb-skip
  5. Click on the Publicize tab and then the Email Subscriptions link.fb-pub
  6. Click on the Activate button.fb-activate
  7. Copy the Subscription Link Code fb-link-code
  8. Paste the code into a text widget in your sidebar.

Voila! Your readers will now be able to subscribe and email updates every time you publish a new post.

My web address: https://zebrapatterns.wordpress.com


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