Where Ya Been? Update on this and that… and Shoot for the Moon #32


I now have 21 states done in my Where Ya Been Book! It is coming along nicely. I have a printer lines up and I have quotes for a spiral bound book. I am sending out 20 packets to my volunteers for the gallery tonight. If you were one of the volunteers who sent in your contract expect to get your first package this week! If I do not have all your requested states done – they will be coming in the next round of states designed.

I have really been having fun with the book. I am having thoughts of putting my Birds and Flowers into a book format. I will have to bake that Idea for awhile and see if that would fly.


Today I had a holiday party in the studio with my Fiberlectic Art friends. We had a wonderful time eating, visiting and doing show and tell. This Friday I am having my other art group SIGSAC for the same type of affair.


I have decided my New Years resolution is to SLOW DOWN! After Houston and the onslaught of orders I have been working way too hard! It is almost not fun. But I am caught up. I have made three large quilts as gifts and I have been able to Christmas shop a bit and just BREATHE!


I am so happy to see that many of my Block of the Month Customers are really having success. Especially the Birds BOM customers. They are into Blocks 2-4 and already having to reorder those blocks. It is really an amazing program and very profitable for shops.

New Art Quilt – Chuppah

My nephew is getting married in June so they just sent me info on their chuppah. They want me to make it. I made the Chuppah pictured in my large art quilts section of my website for this nephew’s older brother. This one is going to be quite involved and incorporate trees, intertwined branches, birds and hebrew type. I am really getting psyched about it. I already told them I will make this as an art quilt and would like to show it for a year or so and maybe get it published. Keep tuned and I will show my progress as I go along starting with my sketches etc.

Shoot for the Moon

So now that I have 2 Markets under my belt and have an international customer base – what do I think? I have to say I am amazed! I am very proud of myself.  It was a TON of work. Looking back I am sure I did the work that most people do in 10-15 years in 3-4 however now that I have a good foundation I should be able to step back a bit and continue at a normal rate – not super sonic speed. I have found that cranking out such a large amount of patterns only results in errors in patterning which is not something that I have ever really had issues with in the past. So from here on out – it needs to be slow and steady.

I am getting used to my new studio slowly. It is weird to be in a new space. It takes time to develop good productive energy in a new space. It is happening slowly. I have designed a the three gift quilts here and I have done a bunch of computer art here.  I am hoping to have my open house in Jaunary and start classes here soon after that.

After Houston I was really in a huge funk for at least 6-8 weeks. But I had to keep going even though I was hating every minute because I have worked hard to build this business and I was not going to let the whole thing slide. Being a sole proprietor is rough. I was sick for a week a few weeks ago – but I still had to make patterns and fill orders. That is the not so great part – there is no calling in sick! But on the flip side – I can work anytime i want and I can go away or take a nap when ever I want – unlike a 9-5 job.

I have learned life is just a bunch of ebbs and flows – peaks and valleys. Some valleys are deeper than others – but it would not be a valley if eventually it were not followed by a peak. I learn each day to accept the valleys and be patient for the peaks because they always come.

Have a great Holiday! After the holiday I will post pix of the few simple quilts I have done this week.

Sneak Peek – want to see the 20 state I have done so far? Here is a sneak peek!


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  1. Kayla
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 00:14:19

    Wow Debra!!! How exciting it is to see how far you’ve come!!! Congrats!! All of your new endeavors sound ah-mazing!!!!!!!

    I hope I can see the new studio at some point!

    Happy new year!


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