Happy New Year! 2010

2010? What the heck?  That is what I feel like when I say 2010!

Holidays were great – I made three stash scrap quilts for Christmas gifts! I used that gridded fusible stuff – it is great! It is fusible on one side and there is a printed 1 inch grid on the other. You cut up squares – I did two at 3″ and one at 4″ and you iron all the squares down by following the grid. Now you have one big sheet of fused squares. Now you simple fold over one row (they fold easily) and sew down the whole row. Next you finish all the rows. Then you clip the intersections of the squares so that you can fold the fused squares the other way! Then you sew them. It is fast and easy and a great way to use up scraps! My neighbor, my husband and my sister got the quilts this year. I forgot to take pix. I will get you a pix of my hubbies soon.

The Studio

The studio is feeling more and more like home. When I first got out here there was no energy in the room. It was very big and quiet. NOw I have made the three scrap quilts and I have done some designing and it is just great. I found upholstery fabric online for my window box seats and valences. I have all the window seats made – have to make the valences for the two main windows. It is a BIG zebra print. It looks pretty cool. We also installed blinds in all the barn windows. I have hung art by my friends and some of my own stuff.  See pix below.

Window seats

Art by me and Kayla Fujimoto

Art by Kayla Fujimoto

Art by Brenda Mosso

The Book

I have gotten 25 of the 50 states illustrated in my book. There is still a TON more to do. I have to write about every state and write simple directions as well as a forward and all the other stuff books have.

Lectures & the business

I will be going to Delaware tomorrow and Easton MD next week followed by Frederick Maryland and to Phillie in March. I will be teaching locally and hope to have a local open house of the new studio. BUsy Busy busy! Gary and I have decided to pass on Spring market in Minneapolis and focus on Houston again next year.

The Holidays

We traveled to my brother in NY for Christmas, had a mini party here for New Years and got together today with my sister here at our home. We had a great 2 weeks visiting family, eating and playing games! We love apples to apples, Guesstures, Things, and Taboo. I know little kids are really cute but I love having the boys older. My boys are a ton of fun to play games with.

2010 Itinerary- Hopes and Plans

For 2010 the focus will be on getting my first fabrics printed by Blanks out of NY. I am quite excited to be working with them on my stamps for Fall 2010. Of course the biggest thing is my book – Where Ya Been? and I really want to do another large art quilt that I can show. I am strongly thinking about doing Birds II – everyone Loves the birds so much! That ought to keep me busy – wouldn’t you say?

New Year Inspirations…

This year I would suggest that you participate in one quilting challenge. Find a  challenge. Make sure it is something you are NOT comfortable with and give it a go! Your guild may have a challenge. Online you can find many challenges. In magazines you can find many challenges. Don’t worry about winning (yet- lol) just participate and most importantly finish it! Don’t make it too complex – or too large – just give it a go! I will tell you what – if you enter one – send me your work and progress via the internet and I will mentor you free!

Here are two challenges from Quilting Arts : http://quiltingarts.com/content/Reader_Challenges.aspx


Here is a cute pix of Lacey! Talk to you soon!


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  1. kayla
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 04:24:35

    hey debra!

    i am so honored! haha!

    i am also so extemely excited to visit in february! Can’t wait!


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