Shoot for the Moon #33 – the book continues

Where Ya Been?

The book I am writing…Where ya been? …  now has 28 states done. The BEST surprise was today during the Metrothreads meeting.  [I started an art group about 2-3 years ago called Metrothreads with another lady from this area of regional artists. We meet 2-4 times a year to network and do a big show and tell. We have an online group of 82 artists to date.] We met in my new studio today and one of my book volunteers – Linda – came with a completed block! It was AMAZING! She blew up the block to 14″ and just did an amazing job with color and workmanship!

I write this story because I am finding writing a book of 51 patterns is quite an undertaking! Linda made the first real fabric sample. It really gave me the energy boost I needed to confirm that this book is viable. One of the things I am experiencing is the highs and lows of being an author. It is much like that of making a piece of art. You get an idea and can’t wait to start it. You start it and after several months – think…hey was this really a good idea? Well once I saw Linda’s MD WYB Block – it became a great idea again!

Vintage Photos

As I had mentioned previously in another blog entry, I was inspired to write this book and make the 51 patterns as a “spin off” from my city and state stamp patterns. So many students and customers are thrilled to make quilts and art with their cities and or states that it led to this book. I thought back to my childhood days of camping in our Scottie trailer and visiting new states and getting state decals for the windows that would be proudly displayed as proof of or travels. This led to the idea of 51 blocks for quilters like the decals for travelers to collect and assemble as they wander to commemorate the states they are connected to.  Below I have for pix of the same type of travel trailer we used to have and also some vintage decals. Anyone else remember these?

Scottie Trailer and State Decals

Logo/Title for the Book

In keeping with the idea of vintage decals and vintage travel I thought the logo should be in the same flavor. Remember the old postcards that had the name of the destination in type that was bold and dimentional that would twist and fade back? That is what I am thinking of using…see below as a first try …let me know what you think.

The background will be of a finished quilt or blocks. I just put this beach scene in as a placeholder for now. I will refine the bulleted type later for content.  So with 22 states left I am once again energized.


When writing a book for the quilt industry one has a few options. You can go with a major publisher or self-publish. The large publisher does all the printing and provides graphic designers for layout and copy content. Being a graphic designer I have those skills. The large publisher has money to circulate the book fast and internationally. The large publisher pays the author about 1-1.50 per book. That is it! I think with the internet and my commitment to go to International Quilt festival and Market in Houston I will self publish ans make a whole lot more than 1.00/copy. I know I want the book bound so there is a spine with the book name and a spiral binding inside allowing the reader to lay the book flat for enlarging.


I am still working on expanding my stamp patterns. This week I have been making two California State Stamp Samples. They are looking good. I hope to finish next week. I have a three day lecture/workshop in Easton MD. I had a great time in Lewes DE last week. We had a lecture and a half day workshop. It was great. My hotel was next to a great outlet mall of shopping! I did some damage in Chicos! Maybe next time I will post some more of the blocks….stay tuned!


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