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Often as a graphic designer and pattern maker I get asked what software do I use. I use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design and Adobe Photoshop. Would I recommend them to a non professional? Yes – if you have a lot of time to learn the software. I think it could take a good 4-6 months to get to know how to function these programs efficiently. During that 4-6 months it would heavy usage. Not only is their a time commitment – but they programs all run from 300.00 – 700.00 a piece.

I came across a PC product by Nova called Greeting Card Factory. I mentioned it a few months ago in this blog. Well they just released GCF version 8. The program costs 49.99. I got mine as an upgrade for 19.99. I would recommend looking online or at Staples or Best buy. Ask for coupons! They typically have a cash 10-20.00 rebate.That would make the cost 29.99-39.99.

So why do I like it? First it comes with 900+ new fonts. (You do have to install these from CD manually – not a big deal – just follow directions). Most of all it has amazing photo editing and cool fill patterns! I tell people it does 70% of what the adobe products do for sooooo much less. The learning curve is MUCH shorter. I have a pix below. I am thinking of ofereing a class on this software to get people used to the program and show them how to use the program in quilting.  There is a pix of the software below. 


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  1. Imam Nirwan
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 14:57:37

    a wonderful design software…


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