Shoot for the Moon #34- Serendipity!

Sometimes as a pattern designers ideas and concepts just spin-off.  Like Serendipity! For…Serendipity! Huh? Well what I am talking about is a shop in Dagsboro DE – named Serendipity. In my last blog post you saw how the Delaware quilters wanted me to change the block for my new “Where ya Been?” book. I did. It came out so good that I thought of my pal Kathy Lewis owner of a FABULOUS quilt shop (Serendipity) on the DE shoreline. (Worth the trip to see her great shop!) Why not make a large version of this beautiful lighthouse that is in her area as a solo pattern? I think it will be a real pattern – not one that needs tracing like in the book.  I am psyched. I have not told her yet. Perhaps after this blog goes up I will shoot her an email and tell her to read todays blog entry! SURPRISE!

I really like the pattern – now I just need time to make yet another round of samples and write the pattern! UGH! I need some elves! Can you imagine what I could crank out with 2-3 employees? CRAZY! Okay – I will go play the lottery today and if I win 1 million or more – you will see a posting for Zebra apprentices to come to work!

Someday I would love to have a retail gig and a small staff in  my design studio for classes, retreats and sales of my stuff. Wow – here I go again – shooting for the moon!

Take a look at the block that was a spin-off for Delaware – what do you think? This wall hanging would finish up at about 20 x 23-24″ Leave a comment!

On to Louisiana for the book!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kayla
    Jan 17, 2010 @ 01:56:06

    i would totally come work for you if i could!
    that would be a sweet job…


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