Shoot for the Moon #35 – Sometimes you hit a bump!

Bump! Bump! I am doing the California Statestamp and have been for the past 6 weeks! UGH! Sometimes you just get into a project that wants to buck the whole way!

As a designer of many patterns I have a fair amount of experience of foretelling what will work and what wont.  I designed CA quite awhile back. But designing on paper/computer and translating the design to fabric does not always work. The design came out great – all went smooth. Weeks ago I made the pattern pieces, cut the pieces and fused it all together – (two of them!) – all except for the type “California”.  The two fused tops have been sitting on my design table making me feel guilty for weeks! Today I woke at 7am and said – it is California day! Then I thought about it and went back to sleep until 9am! Then I woke again it said okay – UGH – it is freaking California day!  Did you ever have one of those things that you need to finish and just don’t want to do it? It is so weird – how I have had trouble finishing this one stamp! Any way I went out to the barn and started the borders. The borders are easy but take some time making that scalloped stamp effect. So I did the borders for both tops. Great – now all I had to do was the type “California”. I originally did the type in orange with a white border and a second border of black. That looks great. I know it looks great because I got the Pre-printed panel of CA yesterday and it looks very good. However when I went to duplicate that effect in fabric – California is a VERY long word and I used a script font. To cut three copies of that word 1/8″ of inch apart and fuse them all together to make orange type with a thin white border then a thin black one is going to be asking the quilter to do too much for the pattern. So – that means back to the drawing board on the type. It is snowing outside now (AGAIN) so nighttime school activities have been canceled so I guess I will be doing CA type redesign tonight!

In the meantime I have been working on my Where Ya Been? book. It is so exciting! I only have 8  states to go! Then I have a heap of writing to do! I have 20+ volunteers working on blocks and they are doing some great work. We have set up a private yahoo group and they are posting pix of their work. Some of the finished pieces will be in the book in the gallery.

I hope you are all busy quilting and creating things with your hands. Craeting things is the best feeling in the world! More to come.


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