Shoot for the Moon #38 – helping others with design

One great part of being a designer is talking with customers and students. I have attached a response to an email from a customer below. Peggy had a simple flannel pattern and wanted to incorporate the eagle from my America stamp. Take a look at what I wrote and also the pix I sent to her. She sent me a pix of the cover of the pattern she was using and I imposed my eagle over it. If you ever want some design help – shoot me an email:


Hi Debra,
Once again I’m asking for your help. I was so proud of my America wallhanging I sent a picture to all my friends that sew. One of them is getting married in April after being with her guy for 28 years. They are in their mid sixties. I had no idea what to do for them for a wedding present and finally settled on making them a throw using flannel fabrics. I attached the pattern and fabrics that I planned on using so that you could see. After sending her the picture of the America I found out that they love eagles. They live on the water near the National Harbour and see eagles all the time.

I guess you are wondering what this has to do with you. LOL Well, what do you think about somehow using your eagle with what I have. If I didn’t use the stars and moon and moved the trees or used your tree to the other side could it work? The other thing is that the fabrics I used on the America are not flannel. Can you mix fabrics? I guess you can tell that I have done very little quilting, only 2 years since I started.

I really would appreciate any help you could give me.

Many thanks,



I made a sketch of what I would do. Here is the scoop:
1. Add the eagle reversed.
2. Made banner say their wedding date or their names. (Create type on computer the size that will fit banner. Cut apart and position on curve.)
3. Use my trees so the trees style match the eagle. The trees on pattern are too simple for the detailed eagle.
4. I would position the moon as I did. The way it was positioned on the pattern was weird – kinda upside down or something.

Also if you did not want to reverse the eagle you could do the whole layout reversed – which would keep the eagle the same orientation as on the America stamp…Make sense? Either way it will be a nice composition. Use a copy machine to enlarge patterns to an acceptable size. Staples will make big prints for you if you don’t have a copier. If you do – you can enlarge patterns in sections and piece together.

You must send me pix!! I am so happy people are using my patterns in this way! That is what I had always envisioned! I hope they would collect my patterns and use the art to create their own compositions.

We are socked in here – 31 inches last storm and 18 so far now! CRAZY! I am designing my book! I only have 6 states to go to complete the designs.



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