Yudo? what the heck?

Last Christmas my oldest son got this silk screen machine for Christmas. With all the craziness in our lives we have not gotten a chance to check it out. So last week an artsy friend (Martha) and I did just that!  It was a long slow process – but here;s the beef. We decided it is pretty cool as far as convenience. The light table, dryer cabinet and screening unit are all in one unit. We followed directions and after a few unsuccessful attempts finally “got it”. It is a long process to get the screen ready compared to a thermo fax. You have to wet the screen several times for cleaning and emulsion and then the screen has to completely dry.  We only learned at the very end through online videos that you can use a hairdryer. That aside, once you finally have your screen it is only good for a few swipes/impressions before you have to wash everything down – and then dry again. Once we got the silk screen mojo – we did okay. We also did some cost analysis and it is not a cheap process. The emulsion sheets and inks are pricey. The final conclusion is that for 250.00 for the unit – it is okay. I paid half price at a local craft store – so for 125.00 it was fine. This is only worth the trouble if you are going to be printing many (10+) items. It was fairly neat and tidy all contained in one unit – but still not what I would rank as an amazing tool. Martha took the unit home for a awhile to really explore the multicolored possibilities.

We are in Florida for Spring break and Gary and I are going to visit the The Quilt  Place in Rockledge FL. We are bringing her a nice order and some samples of my new flowers and the mini panels. I have a feeling these mini panels are going to be HOT! Happy Easter and Happy Passover!  More to come!


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  1. Jill
    Apr 08, 2010 @ 00:14:23

    Sounds like you and Martha got this for Christmas, not your son. Can’t wait to see some fabric results!


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