Shoot for the Moon #45 – The Book!

I am sitting here in St. Lucie West at Gary’s Mom’s beautiful home. We have been visiting over spring break and will be heading home today at 9am. We had a nice visit and gorgeous weather. In between fun outings with the kids I started the writing portion of my book. I wrote my first preface, dedication, acknowledgments and I am starting on the first chapter of how to use the book. I am finding the writing is enjoyable and flowing nicely. I have been getting up very early when the house is dark and there is just the sound of keys hitting my laptop. I will continue the body of the text then move on to the pattern paragraphs about each state. I am quite excited, as I have joined forces with a leading quilt publication company for the printing of the book. I am not mentioning names yet as I am holding my cards close until I really know it will be happening 110%. I have become more cautious about posting possibilities since Blanks Textiles pulled my fabric panels from their 2010 line up. But know you will be the first ones to know who and when this book is released. I have to say one more thing  about the company I am working with – they are really awesome!

I really felt bad when Blanks pulled out from the printing project, however I did recover with kind words from bloggers and from quilt friends. Looking back, I must say that I did not lose anything in that venture as I was already producing the panels on my own. I only gained. I gained experience. I feel confident the right fabric company will come along and will print the right fabric for my first outing in printed cloth. I believe. I will be patient.

In writing all of these portions of a book I really see how the author is revealed through the preface, dedication and acknowledgments. I have to admit rarely have I ever read these sections in any book before. Hmmmmm….Here we GROW again! I love growing and learning and venturing into new territory. I think I am really going to like this vehicle of communicating and sharing my patterns. I cannot wait to tell you more details! Stay tuned!


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