Where Ya Been? BOOK UPDATE!!!

Yesterday was a BIG day for me! I sent in my first manuscript to C&T Publishing in California! I am hoping May 3, 2010 becomes the first day of the start of a very long relationship with C&T and an added outlet for Zebra Patterns.

Iwill give you a self interview to sum up the experience to date.

What does it feel like to have submitted your first manuscript?

There is a real sense of accomplishment. I was done with the text early last week but with proofing and re proofing I continued to find areas to spruce up and or change. Gary and a quilt buddy, Patti R., helped lay fresh eyes on the script. At the last minute I realized that I had a number wrong on ALL 51 patterns. I had written 3″ instead of 3-1/2″ on every pattern! I had to go back and correct 51 files 3 times as I had three versions that will be placed in the book. This discovery was Sunday night at 11:00 pm after Gary and I had done a three day quilt show. And I had a scheduled lecture to give at 10am the next morning! I got to bed at 5:00am and got up at 7. In summary, it feels great to have accomplished a goal on a tight deadline but I have to admit I am pretty tired!

What happens next to the manuscript?

The publisher will edit and review the copy. There will be a back and forth of revisions. After copy is finalized and approved the book moves onto the design team for layout. I did send 85% of the book to them in a layout form as I am a graphic designer. The photos will be taken of all the submitted projects from the book and passed along to the design team.

When will the book be released?

The book release date is February 2011. As soon as I can I will release the exact title and pix of the cover. I will also be sending out information on how to purchase the book.

What was the hardest part of writing the book?

The hardest part of the book for me, like my patterns, is always the writing. Designing the layout and designing the patterns comes naturally. Even creating each pattern piece is relatively painless because it too is visual graphics. It is all those words that are rough!

In writing this book I kept everything very straight forward. There is not much humor.This book is a quilting tool. It is instructional and filled with hundreds of elements and 51 finished patterns. It was tough to consistently write in a fluid easy way so that you get your point across but remain concise and to the point. It is also hard to separate my experience from my writing. By that I mean I have to remember many different levels of quilters will be using this book and I cannot assume they know the same things I do. Everything has to be spelled out once again, clearly and concisely.

What has been the best parts so far of this process?

The best parts have been the sense of accomplishment. I am very happy that I will be able to put out a book of 51 patterns to everyone who knows and follows my work for a reasonable price in one book. I have so enjoyed getting the projects from my Where Ya Been? volunteers! Their work is amazing! I anticipate one of the very best things to be able to give a firm answer to potential buyers when they ask me… When are you going to do a pattern for MY state? This book will be the answer to all of those questions!

How long did the book take in total to make the patterns and write?

I started the patterns one week after returning from Houston Market in 2009. I wanted to be able to say “Yes, I have a pattern for your state” to every potential customer that walks in my booth.  It took me a solid 4 months of designing every night from about 8pm to 11 pm in my bedroom in front of the tv. The writing took at least 1 month of 2-5 hours a day to collect all the info and write a paragraph about each stste and directions for each block, along with  the preface, dedication, acknowlegements, about the author – etc.

Would you do it again?

Although I am not anywhere near the completion of this book with C&T, I plan to start right away on Where Ya’ Been? TWO!  Cities form the USA.  This time around I will be much better equipped to label files and layout copy in line with the publisher right from the start.  The thought of a series of these books is soooooo exciting. I have book three planned too – International countries and the international cities!

My next Blog will be a request for cities. I am starting a list of cities now.

More to come….


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