Shoot for the Moon #47; Replenish the well.

I have taken the past two weeks to really try to replenish the well, as the historic The Artist’s Way would say. I have been going hard since last fall after going to Houston. The past two weeks I needed to regroup and take a mental break. With my manuscript for my first book to the publisher, our son’s high school graduation over, my two gift quilts of a graduation quilt and a wedding chuppah behind me – I have been able to breath! What have I done? I did two large puzzles with my 13 year old son Cole. I cleaned – I mean really cleaned – two of our vehicles. I planted lots of flowers. I had a long visit with an old friend. I even read a whole book!!!

Replenishing is an important part of the recipe for success. I have found that I actually have to PLAN for it! I tried my best to NOT schedule anything from mid-June to Mid August. As I sit here writing this post I have a quilt show that I will be vending at this weekend in Annapolis and leave this afternoon for a two day lecture/teaching gig in Milford DE. After that I have one engagement in July and then my schedule is clear until Sept. That said I got the email from Houston’s International Quilt show to start the cycle again.This my last BIG push for this season.

There was a point a few weeks ago when my business was NOT fun – it was a chore. I knew then I HAD to take a break. I knew I did not want to stay in that mental state. I had to do something. So I did. I took a step back. I think we all get to that point in what ever we pursue passionately. It is important to realize that breaks are VERY important.  I hope that all of these entries show you the ups and downs of starting a business as a quilt pattern maker. I try to write about the good and the not so good!

Oh yes – another thing I did for relaxation was complete a pattern. You might think that is work. It is not! I am sure you have projects burning in your mind you would like to get to. I have been wanting to create a beach block for the marvelous quilters in Delaware. The pattern was actually a block in my Blocks Across America book. Once I finished I really thought my pal Kathy Lewis, shop owner of Serendipity Quilts  in Dagsboro, Delaware would do great with this pattern. I pulled the pattern from the book and made a new DE block for the book. I never got back to it until one night last week. I finished the pattern and will show the ladies in Milford DE tonight. Why was this relaxation? It was because I WANTED to do this pattern. It did not warrant top priority – however I love the quilters in DE so much I wanted them to have their own pattern.  Here is a sneak peak below.  That will do it for this posting. Stay tuned – more to come. Take that time to replenish the well!


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