Shoot for the Moon #48 Here’s the scoop and other news!

C&T Publishing

It is now 6 months prior to the actual release date of the book and I can tell you a bit more about the BOOK!! (cotract did not permit details until now)  Here we go…

My first book is going to be published by C&T Publishing! After Houston I was contacted by the publisher’s procurement director inquiring about my stamp patterns. She wrote me an email and as most of you know I had already started writing my first book and we went by the name.. “Where Ya Been?”. I wrote back and said “It just so happens that I AM WRITING A BOOK NOW!”  She sent me the required paperwork for submission and in no time we were signing a contract and I was writing a book! I mentioned in previous blog entries that I really though self publishing was the best way to go. While I am not through the whole process yet, I can already tell you that I think I really made the right call on going with C&T. There is a HUGE HUGE HUGE – I mean really HUGE amount of work that goes into a book. I am certain that my book would be no where as refined had they not been involved.

I have to take time to tell you how this whole process works. If you were lucky like me and get a letter from the person in charge of procuring books you are one step ahead. If not you have to submit a pretty lengthy proposal. The proposals are provided my the publisher. Then the book goes to a review committee and the book is considered. There are many conversations about details and finally after weeks or maybe longer you agree and sign a contract. Once the contracts are signed the deadlines start coming!

It is amazing how C&T works. They are like a fine oiled machine. They have a whole TEAM of people who all do very specific jobs and make the book flow through their company. Every person I have spoken to has been so bright and well versed in their area. My first deadline was the manuscript or the written portion of the book. C&T sent me a 60 page book on how to write my book. It was very specific as to format and structure. I read and re-read that book several times and highlighted all of the special requirements.

I had to write a preface and a dedication and a glossary etc.  It was frankly, all those things in books I rarely paid attention to. That was a challenge. Being a professional graphic designer I had already laid the whole book out in Adobe’s In Design software program so that was a little bonus. I was also able to create all my own graphic illustrations for the directions section. After the manuscript was written I sent it off along with my 51 patterns, 51 pattern pictures and all the illustrations. That was done through a special online service that could handle HUGE files. I really felt great as I had gotten the copy written and sent off the whole package ahead of schedule.

At that point the manuscript goes to C&T and the editor and design people go through it carefully. I had about two weeks off. Last Friday I received the “FLOW”. The flow is a term used to describe ALL the copy and illustrations  in sequence. It came in a FEd Ex package in paper form. There was not any lay out – just copy and pictures printed out in correct sequence. I read, re-read and re-read that flow and called into C&T and we went over the whole manuscript. The flow was done on my part and it is now on to the designer who will lay out the book. That is where I am now. Next will be a mock up with the book designed. This is when all the photos are selected from the samples that were done by all the “Where Ya Been” volunteers.

There is a gal at C&T her name is Gailen who is absolutely amazing! She caught all kinds of small errors. I am so impressed with her and again the whole staff! Working with Gailen again confirmed that letting the professionals do the publishing was the right thing for me to have done.

Self-Publish or go to a Publisher?

I have asked this question before and I pose it again now. While in previous posts I talked about how the royalties are quite low when going to a publisher in comparison to a self published book, the rewards of working with the pros is priceless.  Now I TOTALLY understand how the royalties are fair to the author. The team elevates your book to a level that the layperson could just not achieve. Also they will publish and advertise way beyond anything I could afford.  They take care of all the ordering and fulfillment. I will comment again after the book comes out and after we see if the book has success as to all the advantages. I am sure there are many more to come!

The Physical Book

The book was originally called “Where Ya Been?” The marketing team explained that “Blocks Across America” would be far more search-able on the internet. Brilliant! I did not even consider that! That is why they are the pros.  So the new title is “Blocks Across America”. There are sub titles that state it is a book filled with 51 patterns that can created or be mixed and matched to create custom blocks.  The binding of the book will be a “lay flat” binding. That will allow quilters to copy the book with ease as it will lay flay on a copy bed or scanner. The book will also have a complete CD with all 51 patterns plus some extra materials to go along with the book. Again – brilliant on their part.

The book will ship in early December but we will have mock ups to show in Houston! YEA! We will have advanced copies in November.


Now I need to think about promoting the book. I would love your help if you have any contacts in the field that could put in a plug for me. I am planning to do a mailing to all my current customers and of course I will post on my blog. I will also send a postcard to all the guilds I have visited and offer a free signing night. If any of you out there have a great marketing contact or idea – please let me know.


So are you thinking of writing a book? If so – contact me and I can help with any questions you might have. It is a ton of work but it is a ton of fun too! I really feel like I am accomplishing something. The thought of my patterns reaching people all over the country is truly rewarding.

So what did I do last night? Those of you who know me – get ready to laugh….

are you ready?

Okay – I started writing “Blocks Around the World”!! I designed Paris! It will a book of 40-50 major world destination cities! If you have any must have in the book cities email or make a comment on my blog! Here is a sneak peak at Paris. Oh I finished the Canada Nation Stamp too. Creativity is so cyclical. I am in a design cycle – so watch out – the designs are a flowing! More to come!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. amy mcpherson
    Jun 18, 2010 @ 20:20:33

    i love the Paris block!! i’m sure London is on the list – can’t wait to see it!


  2. Linda Bernard
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 13:23:31

    Great progress on your first book and excited about the second! Actually the second excites me more visually than the first, having traveled a good bit, at least in Europe. Eager to see what cities you do. I just returned from visiting my daughter and family in northern England, so eager to see London. Consider Prague, a lovely city, although not as well know as other ones. Old town square, Charles Bridge and the Castle area.
    You were very smart letting C & T to do your book, professionals that they are.
    I am looking forward to the Blocks around the World book! Have fun!


  3. Denise Bright
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 13:50:17

    I am a quilter and a world traveler and I love your patterns. Will you be making all the state stamps into the printed blocks at some point in time. Also will the world blocks be in the printed panel at some time. I love the work yet don’t have the time to do all the peicing. I have been to all the places and I fly for Continental so it is a great quilt to have all the blocks and photos to boot on one quilt. Thank you Denise Bright


    • zebrapatterns
      Jul 31, 2010 @ 00:16:44

      I do plan tomake some countries in panels. The panels have been wildly popular. Thanks for you reply.


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